Syria, Here We Go Again!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Aug 10, 2012.

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  1. The UK are to give an extra £5m to the Syrian rebels, it will not include weapons. This is on top of the £27.5m we have already given in humanitarian aid. It is a terrible conflict but it's a civil war and we should not be taking sides especially as the rebels appear to be committing atrocities themselves. Have we learnt nothing about poking our noses in and doling out taxpayers money where that region is concerned and of course we cannot afford it as we are further up the brown creek than had been predicted.
  2. When Gordy got the finger he vanished, when he had the keys to the toy cupboard he buggered up pensions, scrapped tax relief for the low earners, helped drag the country into a war and gives massive amounts of taxpayers dosh away in foreign aid, then we get Dave, who buggers about with pensions, scraps tax relief for low earners, wants to involve us in a war, and plans to add £11 billion to the foreign aid giveaway. Is this Gordy in disguise.
  3. No this c...s worse he looks us in the eye when he does it and emmits "**** you" what you gunna do?
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  4. All of which has no relevance to the thread title !
  5. OK, in this order,yes we have,yes it is, no we shouldnt, no we havent, no we can't and yes we are
  6. I for one was mightily cheered that Willy Haigh has found £5 million down the back of the sofa to help our muslim brothers scrapping in Syria.Hopefully he'll get the chancellor to have another look and perhaps there will be enough to fund the NHS properly and keep a few more UK servicemen on the books.
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  7. Fat chance, we'll supply the kit, state of the art, it will fall into the wrong pair of already grubby mits, and wil turn up next in Afghanistan being used against our troops? Wonder if Mr Haig would be as keen to fund other insurgents in Bahrain, or Saudi ?
  8. Oh but 'It's the right thing to do' so he says, he must have borrowed that from that tube Blair.
  9. Quite right.

    Suchlike funding should be left to charities supported by those who auction copies of the Red Syrian.
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  10. This is the CA section please do try to keep your trivia in the appropriate place.
  11. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Well, it's got to be cheaper than sending a couple of Typhoons over to Turkey. It's a big boys bet, the UK has just bet the rebels are going to win and will be in a position to say to the new leadership when they take over "hey, we helped you, now give us some contracts so we can double our money"
  12. Aye,

    (Seems my bus pass is invalid for this circuit of the Finx outrage bus.)

  13. Hahahahahaaaa!
  14. £5 million is tea float money in the grand scheme of things. Might be a lottery win for most of us, but in the oil rich mid east you wouldn't get a decent yacht for that. It's not worth getting into a tizzy for, Finx..............remember your blood pressure... and at your age as well !
  15. Pit may be a drop in the ocean FLags but once again our money is being used irresponsibly by our elected buffoons.
  16. Has it been ever thus ?

  17. As in all these Middle East conflicts the terror gangs will be infiltrating and who knows, the technology that we are supplying the opposition with will end up in Afghanistan being used against our troops. Our politicians need their heads banged together to knock some common dog into them.
  18. And just how "in touch" are you with what is going on there?
  19. This is getting silly. More sockpuppetry than an Austrian kiddy hom flick.

    Tamknottle, how are a few bowman and a couple of barely useable Thuraya going to undermine the action in Afghanistan? Do tell how they are going to make the 2500 mile journey to improve the insurgent capability.

    They have better already, they'd laugh at our issue sat phones (which are half the package)

  20. Don't take any notice of witsend Dabtoe11, he is is mean spirited little man who thought that the RN would not function without him, he has recently found that not to be the case when his P45 arrived through the letterbox.

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