Syria and Aleppo

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by fishhead, Oct 13, 2016.

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    The British government is now, it seems, pondering the possibility of some kind of military action to prevent the destruction of the rebel held half of Aleppo by Syrian and Russian forces. Three years ago we had a discussion on this forum as to whether the British should get involved at that time. Myself along with many others said "enough is enough when it comes to trying to bring down dictators in other countries" Common sense prevailed and Cameron backed down. The UK did get involved to a certain extent along with other nations to try and help the rebels trying to bring down the Hassad regime in Syria by supplying arms and other logistical support or in other words poured petrol on a fire that was already going well. The Russians are never going to stand by and see their pet dictator overthrown and the civil war has escalated to what we see today.
    Is this the time for us to get involved? I don't think so. The stated aim of helping the Syrian civilians caught up in the crossfire will just be put in more danger. Prolonging the war by trying to annul the effect of the bombing etc is only going to make things worse,not better.
    On a slightly different note I have noticed a marked reluctance of the usual suspects to have any demos in London to try and stop the war. If it had been the Yanks bombing eastern Aleppo do you think they would have been so unconcerned. Where is the "Stop the War alliance" when you want them? Why isn't the Socialist Worker churning out the banners and whipping up demonstrations outside the Russian Embassy to register their dismay? I think we probably know the answer don't we?
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  2. We are long past the opportune moment to intervene in this humanitarian disaster. We should have done so much, much earlier. For all the pointless, unjust shite we've got ourselves involved in over the years, here was a worthy cause we fucked around the periphery of, and now it's beyond repair. We can now only dab at the puddles of blood, fingers in ears, not stop the bleeding. I find it utterly unpalatable.

    As for the protesters, they're all too busy beating each other up on Twitter over Jeremy ******* Corbyn.
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  3. The stop the war alliance is not protesting, as that will give BJ the excuse he needs to start a war in Syria. Apparently.
  4. Boris can barely start his car let alone a war. He's already had his idiotic 'kinetic action' comment contradicted and then dismissed by the PM. He's a bauble, there to appease a section of voters.
  5. I understand that, but that's what a spokesman for the STWA stated as the reason for not protesting.
  6. Whether one is a member of the Stop The War Alliance or not, the correct course of action when encouraged by Boris Johnson to do anything is to do the opposite.
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  7. Sky news are really pushing the tragic images of little children in Aleppo. Cant help but wonder what thats about.
  8. Probably want Lily Allen to burst into tears again.
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  9. I didn't even know She had burst into tears.
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  10. Because it's ******* dreadful that we're complicit in these children dying and people need a shake perhaps.

    Meanwhile. People are losing their shit about a baking show moving channel, marmite and people in clown costumes.
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  11. Your right.Totally agree its dreadful. The media just boil my piss. So now that the Marmite deprived, baking show traumatised and clown crapping great unwashed have been shaken up. How would You suggest they stop being complicit? Enforcing a no fly zone? or diplomatically with BJ? (g-d help us)
  12. I don't have the words to say how dreadful it is.

    Russia's policy seems to be wipe out all who oppose Assad, regardless whether they are civilians or not. Quite what threat a 6 year old girl can have over Assad is beyond me.

    Until Putin buggers off, I can't see how this will end well for any involved.

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  13. I have no idea, as I said in my first reply to this thread, we're way past the point where we can do anything effectual about this mess now.

    We're complicit in the bombing of Yemen too. it's disgusting.
  14. It's too easy to blame the Russians, they have their vested interests and so do the Septics along with us, Iran, Iraq etc. It's not that long ago when the US flattened a hospital in Kunduz, people in glass houses comes to mind. Maybe Nostradamus was right, WWIII will start in the Middle East.
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  15. I agree @oakum that no power bloc will emerge from Syria with much credit but two wrongs don't make a right.The topic of this thread Syria and Aleppo and in that regard Russia is very culpable for the blame of bombing civilians on a regular basis. The only reason they are involved is to keep Assad in power who they view as an important ally. I am not sure what the UK's vested interest is other than trying to overthrow a dictator. We've already helped make an awful mess of two other countries attempting this and we'll do well to avoid getting the blame for how things turn out in Syria. I view our attacks on IS targets in Syria as a separate enterprise as they are a threat to our home security.
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  16. fishead, I certainly agree that daesh are a legitimate target, every last one of them needs to be wiped off the face of the earth.
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  17. Good luck with that. They're using images and tales of western bombs killing kids to swell their numbers.

    We're doing their recruiting for them.
  18. I have no idea either. But say we start by enforcing a no fly zone over the area? Putin's a megalomaniac, but hes not suicidal. Then free fire zones for us decent democratic chaps, keeping FSA, Multiple johnny arabs, and the 'regime' apart. Making them come to Switzerland for peace talks. Everything's divided up,and everyone's happy?...No. I'v worked and lived in the area. Step back. Force russia to step back,and let them have at each other. Then as western society deal with whats left. And if it gets really serious Israel will deal with it for us. Job jobbed.
  19. Seadog

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    So long as she doesn't burst into song.
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