Switching to RM from Warfare Specialist?


Hi all just a quick question. I have completed my test, interview, medical and fitness whilst also being given my joining date for my PRNC as well RNC. I am waiting on going to my PRNC but am curious on switching my application to RM. I know this would intale me in redoing my whole application but that is what I am willing to do. If this is not possible that is totally fine. My fitness levels are good and I do believe that I would be good to go for the RMs it’s just whether or not I am now to far into the application.

Apologies if this is a silly question but I do feel the need in asking.

Many thanks.


War Hero
Speak to your AFCO today! (as stated above).

The quicker you switch applications the sooner someone else can take-up your prnc place & WS entry date. If you leave it too late, your careers adviser and a lot of other people will be miffed by the wasted training place.

All you'll need to complete is an update interview for branch change, the RM pjft and of course, pass PRMC. If you are genuinely ready for PRMC you could crack the lot in under a month from now.

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