Switching choices.


I have been waiting to go to hms raleigh for 2 years as a ET(WE). But in the mean time i have applied to university and i might be accepted for a applied physics course. My question is could i ask for Navy sponsership for university at age 29. My 1st choice is WE but it's good to have a backup plan.
You can apply for sponsorship, but I'll be honest that at your age it may not be given. It will also depend on if you paased all the parts of the selection to the required standard for Officer entry.

The bottom line is ask they can only say no. they are starting to allocate some branches again now so ringing your careers advisor would do no harm anyway



Thank you SuperMario but I had the WONDERFUL Phoencall this morning, 15 May is my entry date. No need for uni now :) Now i just have to concentrate on becoming super human fit. Thank you all for all the advice given to me these past 2 years.

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