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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by JennytheSparrow, Apr 27, 2012.

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  1. Hi all,

    I was at AIB this week and unfortunately was unsuccessful. I am still keen on a career in the Navy and so am looking into applying as a rating and have a few initial questions:

    Will I be able to use the results from all my previous test? I took the recruit test in July 2011.
    Will I need to attend another interview?
    What are the average waiting times at the moment? I'm open to most branches but probably more suited to a Logistician.

  2. Was this your first attempt at passing the AIB, JtS?
  3. Yes it was, but they haven't recommended me to retake it in a year. I'm almost 26 and applying to Logs, and due to the competitive nature of the branch I guess they don't need to invite me back :(
  4. Definitely speak to your ACLO this week, JtS.
  5. You had a narrow escape lady get a couple of years under your belt as a rating, gives you time to pick the right branch and also gives yoy a lot more respect from the guys, 26 is a little old why have you waited so long?? either way best of luck trust me you won't look back. If you want a laugh read my dits ref a miserable AIB failure
  6. Hey Jenny,

    Well I'm in almost the exact same situation. At present I'm looking into joining the Navy and working my way up. I was denied back at an AIB in 2010. The AFCO told me that your RT results will be kept on file for 2 years from the date you sat it, so for you this would be no problem. Interviews will need to be taken though.

    My AFCO told me a lot of the waiting times, but mostly for engineering and warfare, and they tend to be from 8 months to 2 years. Serving on a boat appears to almost half the waiting time and I see that women will be taken on shortly. Might be a good shout if the waiting time is important.
  7. That would be a bad decision if it's just about getting in earlier IMO.
  8. For the love of god, don't work your way up - it wastes our time. If you want to be an Officer, be an Officer. Good Officers are respected, shit ones aren't, regardless of their previous service history - simply having done some time on 2 Deck won't make you a good Officer.
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  9. I agree with you there. All for a few measly months. I only say that as there are logistics crew on both surface fleet and boats.
  10. This (for once) is not a dig-how does it waste your time??
  11. Cos he's Flag Officer All Things Important.
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  12. Well, above all else, I want to join the RN. Actually being able to work for the organisation, and enjoying my role within it, is way more important than what rank I go in as, whether that's rating or officer. My poor performance at AIB highlighted that I'm clearly not officer material just yet. And so if I want to pursue my aim of joining the RN, I have no choice but to go in as a rating, which I'm more than happy to do. The experience at AIB has now left me with a preference from starting off at the bottom. But I'm interested to know why it wastes your time?
  13. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The only assured way of becoming an Officer is by joining as an Officer. All other routes are relatively higher risk & by no means assured as the selection pool is far deeper & the eligibility parameters far wider for those already serving.

    There are those that may fall into the trap of thinking that because their qualifications mean they are eligible to apply, that it's their destiny to become an Officer - it most certainly isn't.

    By way of example, 85% of RM Officers are graduates but many more graduates join the Corps each year as Other Ranks. So far as I'm aware one troop of 55 had 17 grads join with a further 10 academically eligible for Officer.

  14. Yep me too
  15. Guess he is not playing?????
  16. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    He's obviously saving time.
  17. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    What was the recommendation after your AIB? If it was try again in a while then I would suggest you pause, learn and do just that. If it was 'thanks but no thanks' and you still wish to join then go ahead. The only thing that is important is that you have a career that suits you, and with which you are happy. I would caution against the view that joining as a rating will make you a better AIB candidate - I have seen too many SUY failures at AIB to know that not to be always true.

    Bottom line: If you are Officer material then you are Officer material. It is far harder to achieve that ambition as a rating, rather than as a direct entrant. As to whether that is right or not is an entirely different subject and if you have a pair of hours and a few pints I would be happy to bore you stupid as to how I think the system is unfair and should be changed.......
  18. If you can keep up with my drinking prowess, I will listen to some weird room dits.

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