Swine flu

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by joe_145, Aug 12, 2009.

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  1. Im currently just getting over a stint of the dreaded swine flu...that i managed to pick up free of charge 2 days into my holiday from the lovely clean island of ibiza.
    I gotta admit i can see how it destroys people, after laid in a dingy non air-con room, for 48 hours shaking,shitting, sneezing, coughing and not knowing where the **** i was 90% of the time. But thankfully managed to crawl home on an not-so-easyjet flight and i am alive after starting my tamiflu course
    still get sick every couple of hours but all is well

    dont know the point in this post...just posting

    anyone else had swine flu or not??
  2. Get well soon. Did you manage to get the duty free though, must think about priorities. :wink:
  3. unfortunatley not...i must have gone crazy at that point i managed to go in there and buy my mate his smokes and came back empty handed for myself, not even a novelty sized chubb a chubb lolley!!!

  4. Balls.

    You had the cold.

    Tamiflu reduces symptoms by 24 hours at best - little other benefit (based on evidence). This whole thing was a massive storm in a teacup and, with my cynical hat on, a nice way of diverting attention from the appalling underfunding of the military and the expenses fiasco which were both occupying the headlines until swine flu broke.
  5. Hi all,
    Don't that much idea about swine flu but i know that its very dangerous. Our government has found out few cases in of swine flu, thanks god all six are negative.
  6. Agree that it's a storm in a teacup, but don't believe on this occasion in any conspiracy theory to divert attention away from the expenses debacle or Afghanistan. I just think it's the usual media driven hysteria.

    And which government is that then? From your use of English I don't think you're from around these here parts.
  7. And it's not dangerous either.
  8. Damn, I knew there must be a scientific explanation for me honking for the last three days! ;)

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