Swine Flu.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Grim_Reaper, Apr 29, 2009.

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  1. I just phoned the Swine Flu hot line as I've come out in Rashers.
    All I got was a load of Crackling on the line. :lol:

    WE'RE ALL GOIN TO DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    At least thats what the papers and telly would lead me to believe. Fcuk gay swine flu. Avian flu, ebola, ecoli, aids, cancer, salmonela, fags, beer, full fat milk, tap water, Hoodies, Grand theft Auto IV, Mobile Phones, Red meat, DVT, Climate change, Al Qaeda, Russia and China haven't killed me yet and the news says they will, so what the fcuk is that chod disease going to do.

    What a load of fcuking cnut dribble.
  3. Who is going to be the first ashole to Blame Obama, bet some twat on ROMFT called Ronnie biggs, (sic) or twatontoast
  4. I think I may have it I keep sneezing when the local rozzers go by
  5. It's all Barrack Labamba's fault, a white president of the US of A wouldn't have let this marauding disease kill the millions it is.
  6. Good Golly 8O
  7. Just had two weeks in Whorelando and have come home with man flu!!! Oh shit!!!
  8. There you go, didnt take long did it!
  9. It came from outta space!!! You heard it here first, think I can get on sky news with this bit of info?
  10. I've heard they are going to exhume Jade (Pig) Goody's putrefying body to prove she had it and therefore is responsible. Contrary to popular belief this is her true legacy to mankind.
  11. If it's not terrorism it's this porcine pox. Anything to stop the popularis vulgaris getting up a head of steam to deal with the real problems!
  12. Diversionary tactics indeed, as with Avian flu.
  13. News yesterday was "will possibly close schools but sporting events will definately go ahead" - well thats a relief!
  14. It was Bush the Elder, aided and abetted by Bill Clinton. Bush formulated NAFTA and Clinton signed it just after he became President. It opened the door to the Corporate Agro-Business move into Mexico.

    In 1997 Smithfield Foods [the biggest pig producers in the world] had been fined the largest ever environmental fine [$12,600,000] in the USA. They had released thousands of tons of pig-shit from overflowing lagoons into rivers and streams. They were also made to put sewage treatment facilities into their other US plants.

    Smithfield used NAFTA to re-locate a million pig facility to Mexico. They formed a series of pig-shit lagoons in La Gloria where 10 years worth of 1000,000 pigs bowel movements, pig afterbirths, diseased pig carcasses are festering in the sun.

    Where did Swine Flu originate? La Gloria.

    Bacon butty anyone??

  15. I think my misses has it - she wouldn't let down the pub tonight.
  16. Half the Wardroom were up all night sniffing out truffles!
  17. The World Health Organisation have ordered the closure of all piggerys Nelson wardroom have asked if they can relocate to the Home Club?
  18. I think we are all doomed.

    Brown said a while ago about the recession that "he would do all in his power to get us out of it" and look whats happened.

    He said today about the imminent pandemic that "he would do all in his power to ward it off", no hope now then.
  19. I have no fears of getting swine flu....

    Because I am a scoundrel not a swine :twisted:

    .... Yeah I know - Hat, Coat, Door :roll:

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