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Swimming_trunk MEN!!!

Robert bloody Redford!!! Are you mad!!! he is a crusty old ginger who is in dire need of a good waxing (although I suppose if you give it a few more years they'll be falling off anyway! :D)
Robert bloody Redford was not always crusty :roll: Loved him in The Sundance Kid with his equally masculine Partner Paul Newman. REAL MEN I say!


Jen, nail on the head there!

Brad Pitt in 'A river runs through' reminds me of a young Robert Redford!!

Cor blimey guv :wink:
Right now Brad is a completely different story, if he so much as winked at me he'd be flat on his back before his eye was even open again!

Mr Redford you can keep, his excitement for the day would be reapplying 'just for men' and cementing the canyon deep wrinkles... I'm sure he's got a lovely personality though... ;)
Spike said:
Dont know if it will stay POSTED but here's a few SIX PACKS for Tiger Baby and PragmaticJen. just a few Guys who would like to say HI!


Ha ha ha! Have to wonder what all those attractive naked guys were doing in the same room together - its almost like those lovely open showers at Raleigh etc (but I'm sure the number of attractive men is much less there!)

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