Swimming_trunk MEN!!!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by PragmaticJen, Mar 21, 2006.

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  1. Come on girls... we need to feast our eyes on a bit of tottie too ... god only knows there ain't much around in my swimming pool!!

  2. there's more, there's more....


    PS. what is that he is clasping to his gonads?? Tortoise?
  3. [​IMG]

    I am a happy bunny now :oops:

    and this happy chappy!

  4. 8O O my JD! my eyes are constantly drawn to the guys shorts.... jeez does that make me a perv?

    Love the swimmers!!

  5. I thought I was deformed looking like them guys but now I know I am the same as others around. I thought the body was suppose to have a more rotund shape.

    Now I can happily go down ther beach in my trunks and not hide in the shadows.

  6. Nutty I can confirm that you have everything these guys have. It is only because you are shy that so decided to hide it under several layers of fat.

    Edit: Who wants a man who spends more time looking in the mirror than you do
  7. ME ME ME ME !!

    Mean I can take their debit/credit/life savings, with out them realising before it is too late :twisted:

    Is that too shallow??
  8. From your avatar, PragmaticJen, you remind me of the naval teddy bears they used to issue to all nozzers in the Annexe at Ganges, to sob into at night :wink: Are you any relation? :lol:
  9. I agree, just more of it than others. Suprising much the human skin can stretch with oout bursting
  10. :D NozzyNozzer... From your avatar you remind me of an ex, did we have a relations?? :wink:
  11. pretty boy! Jeez... :wink:

  12. I once had a "six-pack" now its a Party Seven :lol: :lol:



  14. mmmmmmmmmm! spike hard one that (pun intended :roll: ) however, Mr Bean comes top (er? no nevermind) why? well he'll make me laugh... best aphrodisiac there is... :wink:
  15. PragmaticJen, This LAUGHING, would that be BEFORE or AFTER?
    Only wondering cus there are some poor BUGGERS out there that have to endure laughing BEFORE and AFTER. :lol:

    Spike, Keep on LAUGHING.
  16. Why Spike BEFORE and AFTER of course!!


    Sorry had to get him in somewhere... (pardon me 8O )
  17. WHAT?!! 8O I don't give a flying feck if he can make you laugh 24/7, so what if he can make you p*ss your pants from morning til night, you'll get enough of that when your muscles give out at 90... still at least then you'll have nappies to catch the dribbles :lol:

    Me personally would rather go with the decent body and no personality, if he tried to talk he'd be bound gagged and loving it

    Disclaimer removed!!
  18. Lordy tigerbaby, that made me laugh... erm so does that make you a contender !!! 8O
  19. I dunno, am I? What am I a contender for?
  20. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Its wishful thinking to hope it will all hang together until you are 90 (so I'm told) :lol:

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