Discussion in 'Submariners' started by james_whit2, Apr 15, 2010.

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  1. I didnt know whether this should be on the newbies or sub forums so il post it here.

    Does the submarine service require you to be better at swimming than you do in the surface fleet? if so what more do you have to do?

  2. Re: A few questions

    I sleep with a missile every night, its in my pants. :lol:
  3. Re: A few questions

    Are you as stupid as you make out on your post or this just a genuine attempt at winning c*ck of the week?
  4. Re: A few questions

    How did you guess? :O
  5. Re: A few questions

    [/quote]1. Yes. You need to be able to hold your breath for an hour

    2. Yes, but if the missile is fired then they get to sleep in the rack where it was. You do get a special curved mattress so that you dont keep slipping off the missile though

    3. Run around shouting and waving your arms in the air. Open all the doors and windows and jump out, DO NOT go back for your belongings

    4. Wibble

    Hope this helps[/quote]

    haha 2 & 3 were funny :D
  6. You don't need to be better at swimming, you need to be better at floating and climbing into a life-raft which resembles a child's inflatable toy.

    To answer your other questions in order; yes, people still sleep with TLAM; course would be RTPD course; no idea, never been a skimmer.
  7. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Swim like a dolphin.
  8. It helps if you can breathe through your ears.
  9. Emergency stations
    Shut all bulkhead doors, shut down bulkheads.
    Stand by for flooding.
    Standby to surface in Emergency.
    Etc etc
    On a Bomber non of the above would happen or actions carried out they remain in their carts or continue to watch the movie clutching their ice creams!!
  10. Shut all bulkhead doors? Not once a collision has actually occurred, unless in response to another emergency (eg flood). Otherwise your manpower could be trapped in the wrong place to carry out their correct actions until the order to balance across can be given.
  11. Well that may be on Nukes!!

    But if there was danger of a collinson we shut bulkhead doors . But hey we only pushed around diesel boats!!
  12. Unless my memories gone, on a T boat it was "Standby collision, shut bulkhead doors, man Emergency blows". We never prepared for an emergency surface, we just did it. In fact my very last surface was a gen dit safeguard 2 clips Emergency surface including a manual flood alarm (and that yodel alarm still gives me the shivers).

    Edited to add we shut bulkhead doors but didn't shut down the bulkhead IIRC
  13. If you are on the wrong side of a B`Head door , tough 5h1t
  14. For 'Standby Collision' you shut the doors. The pipe is "Shut bulkhead doors!" General Alarm X3. "Emergency Stations, Emergency Stations,Standby Collision, Shut Bulkhead Doors, Man Compartment Blows, Brace Brace Brace!"

    However, the original question asked what you do in the event of a collision, not if one is about to happen. In this case the pipe would be General Alarm X3, "Emergency Stations Emergency Stations, Loud Bang Heard External To The Submarine! All Compartments Carry Out Phase 1 Damage Control Checks And Report To DCHQ!" You will note that the bulkhead doors are not shut, though if Phase 1s identify a flood, the flood EOP will require bulkhead doors to be shut.

    For clarity, the EOP for Emergency Stations includes shutting down bulkheads.

    Oh, and you wouldn't want to surface following a collision if the thing you collided with was above you.
  15. Agree on all points. Most collisions I've experienced were not expected.
  16. fails_as_is

    fails_as_is Badgeman Book Reviewer

    don't mean to be a pedant, but following the incident on tireless where the loud bang was actually internal to the submarine (albeit not caused by collision), the pipe was amended to read "Emergency Stations Emergency Stations, Loud Bang Heard! All Compartments Carry Out Phase 1 Damage Control Checks And Report To DCHQ!"
  17. Mnnnn some interesting S/M dits.... But I have not seen so many bites arising from a 14year-olds Dumb question since we hoovered in a boatfull of midges on an upper Clyde inner transit on the Submassive.

    SAFEGUARD - The Grand-Brats at Paulton Park today provided similar squeals to those made by younker James when he had read your responses. BUFFS!

    Suckered? Check up on the OP. :roll:

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