Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Peter_G, Jul 20, 2008.

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  1. What would be some good targets for swimming to keep up? I want to get as much training in as possible before I join, I still have a good few months yet.
  2. If you can swim about 10 to 12 lengths of breaststroke easily, you should be more than able to pass the military swimming test.

    The test its self is as follows:-

    Put on a set of coveralls. jump into the deep end of the pool. Tread water for 2 minutes, Swim 50m of breaststroke (2 lengths of the Raleigh pool) without touching the bottom or the side of the pool. When you get back to the deep end climb out unaided.

    The more you practice the easier it will be


  3. Thanks
  4. If you're already a competent swimmer then use it as part of your aerobic training, but not at the expense of running. Cross training has benefits and swimming will help your upper body strength, without bulk.

    A decent workout is probably about 40 minutes continuous, intervals of crawl and breaststroke about 75%/ 25% respectively. If you're able to butterfly slot in about 10% split across the other two styles. Push the time up to 60 if you feel able.

    Stretch in water afterwards.

    If you're not already a competent swimmer then just concentrate on your form, and what you need to do for the military swimming test. Most pools will allow you to use clean clothing as practice, if you can get a pair of overalls.
  5. Peter, did you ever pass your ASA personal survival swimming tests in primary school? (Bronze/silver/gold/honours etc). If you can do the 500m, inflate your PJs and tread water over 2 mins, you will be fine. If youve never heard of such things.....now is the time to get accquainted with your local baths and find out what is available. Of course with the OCD you should be able to walk from one end of the pool to the other... :thumright:
  6. Im sure last week when i was at the pool with booties they were talking about doing far more swimming than what the navy do. For starters they deffiantly mentioned a rifle and webbing.
  7. The Battle Swimming Test involves a similar test but you jump, swim then before treading water hand your webbing and rifle to someone on the side of the pool! I'm sure some Man in Tights can give the correct distances and weights.

  8. Unless things have changed dramatically in the last few years, it never used to be a pass/fail criteria anyway - the Corps commits to teaching you to swim if you can't already during training.

    Any PTIs out there want to conf that point?

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