Im practicing my technique. I found out that we wont wear goggles at raleigh, which put me up shit creek as I have always swam with goggles and my face underwater...

Just practiced tonight, had a go at looking underwater without googles :)

would any recommend having a practice at diving from 5m?
Why are you trying to look underwater without goggles? The idea is to swim on the top, you can't swim very far with your face underwater all the time unless you're Kevin Costner (Waterworld) so adapt your swimming style.

And you don't dive into the water, you jump so you go in feet first. The swimming test is basically a survival test in case you fall over the side or the ship sinks, it's not the Olympics.
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basically you float better when your bodys straight, so yo can relax and swim better, thats why your face is in the water.

so yeah, its a totally different style of swimming that im not use to.
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