Swimming yet again

Is there a particular stroke you have to do at Raleigh? My front crawl isn't so strong. Do you have to do one stroke all the way down the pool, or can you get to the end any which way?

Swimming isn't my strong point, despite lessons, and the photos of the swimming pool are scaring me :sad:

I'm sure all flaws will be pointed out at Cally!


Any stroke will do, they give you swimmong lessons if you struggle. it is really easy. A cat could do it.
It seems a silly question, but dont you think you should be confident in the water if you want to join the navy?
the sea survival course you do before joining a ship is harder.


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Del makes a good point, however the sea survival is done with life jackets and once only suits so there nothing to worry about. I remember doing the doggy paddle for bits of my test a Raleigh! You should worry more about the stagnant pool you will have to jump in on the assault course!
I'm not under-confident as such- i can tread water and keep afloat and swim any length on my back, but my front crawl isn't very good. I took lessons and did well really, was just concerned i'd be made to do it front crawl, which wouldn't be what i'd do in a situation where i'd need to swim any distance.


at the end of the day the staff want you to pass out, unless you are a complete tool and it wont be the swimming that they will then pick up. when in life-jackets you will swim on your back - so you are fine
So pretty much, as long as i can get across the pool without stopping, i'll be ok? I'm alright doing backstroke and doing a silly little back floaty thing.
when you treading water knock your head back as far as possible it will help keep you afloat!
thats what my divemaster use to say when i was training to be a civi diver.

ps it does work, I tried it!


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Also, when you jump with the overalls on try to stay straight and feet first, that way air will be caught in the back around your shoulders making it easier to stay afloat!

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