Swimming test on joining

Is the RN swimming test the same as it was in '55?
Then,as a farmers boy and briefly down the pits I couldn't swim nor had ever seen the sea,the local river was only 2' deep and the swimming baths were 30 miles away.
That was me shagged when I went to HMS Victory on joining.
I'd been a good schoolboy boxer,Captain of the school cricket team and goalie for the football team but water terrified me!
First time we went to the Navy baths and was told to jump in I didn't know what to do. The PTI said I'll pull you to the side with this pole,in fact after jumping in I tried to climb up the pole!
I envied all those who could swim with ease and it took me a good while to pass that test.
The only other thing that shagged me was the Gymnasium,I could run fast but I'd never seen a box or horse that the rest were turning somersaults on.
I never really mastered any of those two,frightened of landing on my nuts on the box and no idea how to do flips on the horse.
Me and an Irish guy said feck it! we don't need it at sea.
After training Paddy left to join the IRA saying he just wanted to get thru the basics so he could help the cause in the future!
I did my bit by punching his lights out over a trivial argument at Raleigh and throwing him in a bed of nettles bollock naked! Don't think it was Gerry Adams! Ah! happy days!
Sorry to reminisce but it's the swimming test I wanted the answer for,BTW, I ended up as most did,a very good swimmer,the RN did a lot for me,except for the horse and box drills!
Was anyone else in the same boat on joining or were you all Tarzans? you weren't because I wasn't the only one petrified of water in my squad.
I must have been the only crap swimmer to join!worth a question though but I still don't know how hard the current test is.
Never mind ours was hard enough so it will be up to standard.
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