Swimming question (oh boy this thread again, I know.)

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Mike777, May 16, 2012.

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  1. For the swimming test at the PRNC, it says you have to tread water for 2 minutes. Looking through old threads, I see some have said that you can just lie back and float for 2 minutes. Is this still the case, or do you have to actually tread water?
  2. Just go swimming you massive, spluttering retard. Try swimming, try treading water, you spastic.

    I literally want to punch you in the face you irrelevant cock sucker.
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  3. Why does it matter to you? You either turn up and float around or your told to stop taking the piss, expend some effort and thrash around for 2 mins. Simples...
  4. And you want to be an officer.........******* priceless.
  5. Let me google that for you

    All your answers solved on this simple site. *facepalms so hard my hand comes out the back of my head*
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  6. When you go to Raleigh you will be in a grow bag and you wont just float with your head back.... just tread water. try not to drown :)
  7. Ohh and i hope you like ovies....

  8. Fixed that for you!
  9. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Join the Marines and just walk on the ******* stuff.

    Treading water is so girly.
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  10. I remember an Instructor or a Clubz yeling at me not to try to pass by drinking the pool!
    So that is not an option.
  11. What???????
  12. He means wearing ovies for the swimming test Guz.
  13. I can help with your training if you like? I have a spare weight belt knocking around some where
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  14. I think a lot of the bone question threads are a result of "find out as much as possible about something before you do it, it will make you less nervous/ better prepared". People start asking questions just to know more and allay their anxieties. That is why people ask about the medical tests so much, even though you can't prepare for it in any meaningful way, if you know what is going to happen it gets rid of the great fear of the unknown. I doubt the OP wanted to float about in soggy overalls instead of treading water really...right?
  15. or the fact that the questions get asked 1000 times and noone bothers to put a little effort into search for the information that is very readily available.... like a phone call to your AFCO. It's simple Independence and shows you have the aptitude to go look for the information and not just have it spoon fed to you.

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