Swimming during recruit training

Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by Steve D, Jul 13, 2011.

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  1. I'm new to this site so sorry if I am posting in the wrong place. I go into the navy later this year and am worried about the swimming aspect of training. I have never been a strong swimmer but I plan on getting some lessons before I go in, I am just worried that I don't improve much as I never did getting lessons in high school! I know there is the military swim test in week 1 but after this how much of the new 10 week training involves swimming? My overall fitness isn't bad I'm just worried that I fail the swim test and get kicked out in week 1 or something, anyway just hoping to hear from people who have been through it or know a bit about it :)

    Cheers in advance
  2. Fella. I was a terrible swimmer. And when I say terrible I mean as good as Steven Hawking. By getting myself down the pool and learning correct technique it became a piece of piss.

    As your career depends on it, I suggest you do the same. My basic was over a decade ago now but if my senility isn't too bad I believe there is very little swimming during training other than the the test itself, swimming gala (if you're a gash swimmer, volunteer for the diving and attempt to Hirt yourself as badly as possible from the high board for BIG points and kudos). And a bit of backstroke with a life life jacket donned during sea survival training.

    Anyone who has gone through recently can confirm or correct the above though.
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  3. Completely off subject but slightly amusing none the less:

    When I joined up, like all new recruits, I was given a list of things to bring to Raleigh. On the list was one slightly suspect item which worried me a little. See if you can guess which one:

    Anyway I decided, '**** it, everyone else will have them too so it won't be so bad'.

    Fast forward to the day of our first swimming session, I noticed all the other lads getting changed into their baggy Bermuda surf shorts while I squeezed into my horrendous black silky pants. It was like that scene in the Inbetweeners where the lad's bollock is hanging out but worse. Aged just 16, I was yet to master the noble art of pube management and had a massive 70s bush growing out of one side of the trunks and my nuts hanging out of the other. Feeling like I wanted to die I wandered sheepishly out of the changing room, infront of the other 130 lads in my entry to various laughs and sniggers. Luckily one of the PTI's shouted ''Oh, you must have got the old kit list, unlucky.''

    Unlucky indeed, I spent the rest of my time at Raleigh being called bollock boy.
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  4. Fool.

    Oh how I laughed when the fattest kid (who was also ginger) in our entry made the same mistake. I'm not sure whether it was the merciless bullying or his own gashness that led to his inevitable failure.
  5. Good point about the diving contest by the way.

    I recall a slightly ethnically challenged chap in my entry who, like many of his ilk.....erm how shall I put this sensitively..... had difficulty in water.

    Luckily for him he was completely fearless and realised fairly quickly that by launching himself head first off the high board, he could mask his complete inability to float by making all the instructors and PTIs laugh at his stupidity. Every swimming lesson, he'd climb to the high board, run as fast as he could and just ******* launch himself off it, usually after a few summersaults, arms flailing all over the place, he'd land with a massive slap as his belly or back took the full force of his impact with the water, we'd then all which in hysterics as he struggled to climb out, visibly in pain and climb back up for another go.

    I don't recall ever seeing him complete a length of the pool, while we were doing that gash test where you have to tread water in overalls, he was providing endless entertainment doing backflips off the high board. I think he's now a Chief Stoker.
  6. That is a heart breaking revelation.
    Bollock boy.
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  7. I did my basic trainning in 1976 before health and safety kicked in and i thought i was ok in the water until the dreaded day of the swimming test. I managed a length of the pool in me ovies and plimsols,but when it came to treading water I started to struggle to stay afloat. My over sized overalls seemed to be dragging me into davey jones locker. So i started to struggled towards the side of the pool. Now these days i expect I would of been saved by a safety swimmer ,dragged out and given a cup of hot sweet tea before being sent to the sickbay for a check up. In my case I was pushed off the side by the bloody PTI with a great big boat hook ,with a " get away from the side".
    After leaving surface for the 3rd time I was finally allowed to grab the boat hook and was dumped on the side of the pool coughing a spluttering by the pissed off and indifferent PTI,who said put your name on the backward swimmers list ******. The moral of the story is, it didnt do much for my water confidence but i finnally passed the test after swimming instruction and although im still a shit swimmer I went on to be a clearance diver. No you dont have to be a great swimmer to be a diver but thats another story
  8. Health and Safety 'kicked in'? Eh?
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  9. Well not too long before that (about 11 years) you used to have to take your No8 trolleys off in the water, tie the legs and pull them quickly over your head and use the air filled buggers as a kind of improvised Life raft.
    And I never saw the point in being able to swim for outrageous distances, as if the ship sank in the back of beyond, what you gonna do swim home?
  10. You'd be wrong. And you are.
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  11. Steve D, Have you attended an RPC/RNAC yet? Have you been offered a go at the new Potential Royal Navy Course? On both of these you will do a swimming test and they would be able to tell you if you will succeed at Raleigh.

    Raleigh are being quiet hard on people passing the fitness part during the first week. If you are no where near passing then there's a good chance you will be sent home.

    My suggestion is whilst you have time, before you join, get some expert advice on your swimming technique and get plenty of practice at swimming and treading water at your local pool.

    Piss poor preparation is just not the way to succeed in basic at Raleigh.

    If you want this career and I'm sure you do, make sure you fully prepare for all aspect of New entry.

    Best of luck and get down the pool

  12. I remember having to do that now you come to mention it, forgotton all about it.
  13. Sisters Bikinni bottoms??????????????
  14. @supermario I actually have my PRNC this monday that's why I'm kind of bricking it! Although after that I have 4 months to learn which should be plenty, at least after next week I will know what to excpect. I have been planning since I signed up to get swimming lessons but I keep putting it off and have been concentrating more on getting fit overall. First week back from the PRNC I best start with the lessons then :) cheers for the advice

    @motigny as well m8 very helpful, Cheers :)

    Always good to hear from people who have been through it and know what they are talking about.
  15. As I squeezed in to me speedo's,
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  16. Just wait until you have to swim round your ship.......before the carriers arrive??

    PS I'm joking really. I was a non swimmer on joining up and still remember the trauma of learning. You'll be fine
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  17. Did mine in Ganges, no problems......Then had to do it all again at Royal Arthur, in the makeshift drainage pit which they called a pool, PTI's couldn't tell the time so all had to tread water for 10mins in ovies....bastards..it was bloody cold
  18. Rummers, you are ******* wasted as a degenerate old alcoholic.

  19. Splendid stuff Rumrat. Worthy of a Poet Laureate. Almost.
  20. You could have a word with someone and I would humbly accept the Poet Laureates maids secretary's cook's job.:happy11:
    But nothing near Horses.:blush:

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