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Swim For Heroes: 30.5 miles


Hello all

I am going to be doing a three swim challenge over three years for charity.

This year I am swimming the Bristol Channel from Ilfracombe to Swansea. This is a distance of 30.5 nautical miles or the equivalent of 2240 lengths of a standard 25m pool. I am planning to do the attempt on 28 August.

Currently there is only one recorded attempt of this by Gethin Jones last September who set a time of 22 hours. My training currently places me in the 19-20 hour range.

I am raising money for Help the Heroes and for the Royal Navy Charity.

If you would like to sponsor me, please could you visit

Please be advised any money raised via justgiving is going straight to Help the Heroes as the Royal Navy Charity have not signed up as yet. Money that I receive direct from local sponsors will go to the Royal Navy.

You can follow my training and the updates from the day on twitter @darrenjaundrill

Anyone who wishes to cheer me out or welcome me in on the day, please stay tuned to twitter for approximate timings.

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