sweet talking a woman....advise needed.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by wet_blobby, Jun 25, 2007.

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  1. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    The missus has got the hump with me, nothing new there. My mate has just booked a holiday and wants me to go with him, here's the deal:

    Fly from Heathrow to singapore, 5 day stay in singers.
    Fly to melbourne, 21 day stay.
    Fly To Bangkok, 5 day stay.
    Fly back to Heathrow

    Cost includes flights, transfers, tax and b+b accommodation in 4/5* hotels.

    Cost £1162.00...fcukin bargain or what.

    Now, I've tried sweet talking and I may as well find a wall to bang me head on, I know ultimatley I can say "shut your noise, get over it I'm going" but I feel tact might be a better option at this stage, anyone got any suggestions?
  2. Take her with you :glomp:
  3. Send her to Bali with her mates, then you can do the worrying.

  4. Blobbs, forget Singers, clinically clean, very expensive and you can't even fart without getting arrested. Why not Bangkok stop over in both directions. Extremely culteral with lots of temples, you may even bump into Lingyai while you're there if your lucky.
  5. give her the exact same amout to spend on her self....
    and then some money to spend on the kids to entertain them whilst your away...
    then when you get home make sure you have a fabulass gift for her
    and whilst away send her flowers telling her you miss her...
    OR TAKE HER WITH YOU................
  6. You trying to drop him in the sh!t? You only do things like that when you have messed up big time :pukel:
  7. Transit back via Dubai, fly her out there allow her to go shopping with your credit card, wonder around like a pack horse carrying all her bags and tell her how much you missed her whilst you were away.

  8. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Take her with me.......are you mad?

    Slim, I was born in singers, I guess I want to go back for a looksee as I can't remember anything about the place.
  9. When I worked for BAe I worked in Bangkok for a fair old while. My boss in the UK had been at RAF Changi and his kids had been born there. As we had work in both Singers and Bangkok he decided to carry out an official visit. He would spend two days in Bangkok with me and eight days in Singapore with the engineer there. He spent his two days with me, went to Singapore and was back in Bangkok two days later, bored fart-less. I then had to (at his request) send a fax to BAE asking if it would be possible for me to retain him so as to speed up the job, he then spent the rest of the visit in Bangkok. Cost him loads of beer.
  10. 5 days in Singers is at least 2 days too long. Tack it on to the Bangkok part.

    If you ever swing by Honkers for any reason on your trip, give a headsup. Me & Diesel are good for a few beers in the Old China Hand!

  11. my OH went to singers for 14 days- left me at home with dogs---- grrrrrr

    but whilst he was away i had a delivery of flowers (suffer from hayfever, but nice thought!),,
    and when he got home we went away together......................... oh and i had lots of drunk phone calls!!!

    at the end of the day go - ur doing nothing wrong ----------- are you??!!
  12. WB,

    If you do go remember the old maxim of don't drink and dial. I came a cropper in Manila when I thought I'd phone my wife at 0600 when I was walking back to the ship. It was about 2200 in the UK so she was just going to bed when I burbled a whole load of shite to her. She was ok until this point but then got seriously miffed when I suggested I bring back a local girl from the Firehouse Bar to work as a maid. At the time I genuinely believed that the ability to slide down a pole with only a postage stamp on meant the said girl would have been brilliant at ironing and other domestic stuff and told my wife as much. I was shocked when she hung up! Probably better not phoning home at all just in case. :thumright:
  13. Tell her you're on a secret mission for Adm.Sam Dicosta and you MUST go or you might lose your service pension. Just don't tell her about the nightlife and your daytime sojourns with the local kaitai in Singapore when you return home! :lol:
  14. Good advice Singers is for girls or the Japanese now. In fact why not just stop in Bangkok for the whole time.
  15. Don't forget to take lots of pic's and post them back here..[​IMG]

    Oh and go for it.....conscience will eventually kick into selective memory/amnesia at some point anyways...how does that go.....time heals everything...(I'm still smarting from a trip to Amsterdam) but it does Faaade away eventually...[​IMG]
  16. Now that really is GOOD advice.
  17. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Why do I feel everyone thinks I just want to go for a jolly, get shedded all the time and chase lady boys.......?

    Its for the cultral experiance..honest..well that's what I told the missus and I'm sticking to that line.
  18. Sounds like an excellent deal Blobs, but do not forget the hidden costs

    A. Divorce lawyer
    B. Alimony
    C. Child maintenance
  19. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    WB, again hindsight: "sorry Luv, got to go to Tristan Da Cunha/ otherboringplace-shire to fix something at work...."

    Damage limitation, all you can logically do is offer a like-for-like trip for her.

    How's about week for her & one of her elderly relatives camping in Prestatyn or suchlike? Offer to take them, pitch the tent etc., guaranteed to work mate, trust me. :thumright:

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