"Swearing Yobs 'Played Frisbee' With Wreaths"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by soleil, Nov 17, 2010.

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  1. I go to cum staines every now and then, if I catch them they will wish they had never been born.
  2. *******

  3. Little bastards, it would not have happened when I was a lad, step out of line then and you would get your arse kicked, if you bleated to your Dad you would get another one, spare the rod and spoil the child I say, it never did me any harm.
  4. There are some who would dispute that statement Finks
  5. Turds.

    It is surprising though. The level of hand-eye coordination required for Frisbees usually defeats your average retard.
  6. :)
  7. The response '**** you we'll do what we like' is at the root of the problem, these yobs have grown up believing that they can do exactly as they like and care nothing about other people - I do wonder where we are heading with people like this loose on the streets.
  8. Oooo, wait til the Daily Mail gets hold of this story
  9. Well thats not always true believe me. Recently some kids in my local park thought kicking the crap out of a notice board with a perspex frontage would be fun. Its funny but people-mainly middle aged-in this case stood and watched and only opened their gobs to congratulate me for telling them to fcuk off. The kids duly did and we all went on our way.

    I guess some people are just happy to stand and stare tutting their disapproval at todays youth, who by the way are also fighting and dying in sandy places for their country!! In my experience on A&E it didnt matter how old you we're, if you were a cnut aged 16 it didnt necessarily mean you weren't one aged 70.

    My 2 penneth for what its worth.
  10. Couldn't agree more XRD - I frequently come up against turds of all ages in the Emergency Department. Some of the more awkward are around 50-60.
  11. I certainly didn't mean to imply that this is generally true, but it is the case that some people in our society seem to believe that they can behave as they wish.

    When I wrote my previous comment, it was very much was in my mind that there seems a big gulf between people who behave as was reported in this instance and people serving in the forces.

    But this kind of thing is a cancer in our society in my view and yes it occurs in all age groups, but that doesn't make it any more acceptable does it?

    For what it's worth I have challenged anti- social behaviour myself, but I feel it's not done often enough by enough people.
  12. At last we agree on something!!! :p

  13. Thats fine. It wasn't a direct dig at your post, more my take on society as a whole. This evening I caught the tall-end of a report into some teenage bint who had scrawled graffiti over a war memorial in Wolverhampton. This obviously sparked outrage from the locals (quite rightly) and I heard the judges comments cite something like "people like you think you can do what you like and can get away with it...you cant"

    I think the things that are missing in the U.K are integrity and taking responsibility. This should be taught from an early age in my opinion!!
  14. "The youth of today". Never ceases to amuse me. Of course it has only been recently that young adults would step out of line.

    I'm quite sure that teddy boys stabbing each other, rampant knife crime and disaffected youths having a pop at coppers/ smashing random shite up/ enjoying unprescribed drugs / theft is a recent phenomenon that didn't exist prior to 1998.

    Bloody kids.
  15. Spivs and wide boys in their 90's now.
    Teddy Boys in their late 70's-80's.
    Mods and Rockers in their 60-70'ss.
    Skinheads and rudeboys in their 50's-60's.
    Retread late 1970s Mods such as me....? :oops:
    There have always been young twunts with no repect for their elders and betters authorotah!
    I think the Daily Wail should be told. :twisted:
  16. Any news on how far they managed to lob them?
  17. Bloody hell - you're right!

    That has made me feel very old.

    Little brother was a pretty 'hard-core' punk. He's approaching 47 now 8O
  18. I bet 47's bricking it.
  19. This 47? He'll be too busy trying to jump-start the bus.

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