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Swearing sailor jailed for upsetting neighbours

Swearing sailor who launched foul-mouthed rants at TV's Question Time is jailed for upsetting neighbours | Mail Online

..........Perhaps he was just exercising the wisdom of Soloman?:?

<< 'He was in the Navy for seven years but now he is someone who is, frankly, lonely.

'He sits at home becoming increasingly frustrated with himself and life, goes to his local and gets drunk. The world is then a better place for an hour or so.

'He comes home and watches TV at some ridiculous amplified volume, shouts remarks at the TV and his neighbours.....

Shock, horror and amazement - Does this sound like someone we know and love?

Crayons available here for those wishing to draw any conclusions.:happy7:


War Hero
14 months jail, with free telly. When he gets out, there will be no tv or radio - what's the betting he breaches his asbo again as soon as he gets out, and lands himself another jail term.


War Hero
He's 65, was a plumber since 1960 and spent 7 years in the ? so he joined the RN aged 8 ???
Fukcing Daily Wail..tvats!!!


War Hero
I hope my new neighbours don't report me, (if they can hear me), because shouting at the pollies on QT is exactly what I do on Thursday nights, :protest: (if I'm home from the pub early enough). :eek:ccasion5:

And I'll bet I'm not the only one :giggle:


I hope my new neighbours don't report me, (if they can hear me), because shouting at the pollies on QT is exactly what I do on Thursday nights, :protest: (if I'm home from the pub early enough). :eek:ccasion5:

And I'll bet I'm not the only one :giggle:

Yep, me too every Thursday without fail.
Clearly a little known, and even less understood, Royal Naval Tradition:

Which must be observed and preserved, even at the risk of invoking servitude at Her Majestic's :notworthy: pleasure (in itself no hardship...... allegedly).


War Hero
Yep, me too every Thursday without fail.

Slight thread hijack, but did anybody else see our illustrious ex-deputy PM on Topgear? He made himself look a prat again (even more that hese ridiculous adverts), bur at least he came bottom of the list - slowest ever. Just goes to show, having 2 jags ain't any good unless you drive them!!


Lantern Swinger
None of you lot have considered the poor bastards who will be in the cells adjacent and opposite to his have you. I mean it's bad enough.......

hold on... aaahhh compensation.... of course :slow:

incidently; the comments at the bottom of the article are quite good. Especially the 'oomun rites' :evil3:


War Hero
He was swearing at the television, and only when politicians were on.
I feel for him as I have the same feelings for our representatives, thgey are all a load of sh!t


Poor old barsteward. What's happened to all the mental health support that's supposed to be available to veterans through the NHS?


War Hero
Super Moderator
Poor old barsteward. What's happened to all the mental health support that's supposed to be available to veterans through the NHS?

Who says his problems are service related. Just seems like a bored ex-plumber who's hit the bottle. Let's not make a mountain out of a molehill here.


Book Reviewer
I'm sure I've seen the auld guy on these pages before and it is reported hes breached his ASBO a few times.

Magic, I can't wait until I'm a fully fledged raving alcoholic madman. The neighbours can standby!


War Hero
QUOTE=humptybackd;1017124]Yep, me too every Thursday without fail.[/QUOTE]

:plotting: And me.:evil:
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