Swatting up before Sultan

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by mooo, Apr 25, 2008.

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  1. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Yeah, just learn it all from a book beforehand so you bypass Naval enginering training and go straight to your Squadron so your bosses can let you loose on millions of pounds of military hardware... :roll:

    Think of the money Pusser could save if they did this for all trainees?! 8O
  2. Any pre knowledge would be an advantage but not a requirement. You will be fine as long as you know the difference between a hammer and spanner !
  3. IIIII can fix aircraft well, I learn it a from a booook. :wtf:
  4. I wasnt planning on knowing it all. I just wanted a bit of backing so i can stand out at sultan. This is a career and i want to get promoted as quickly as possible. Back to the questions! Is it worth buying this book or another book for that matter to give me a little head start.
  5. Buy an old car/motorbike, try to keep it on the road. Carry out basic servicing/repair procedures. Voila!
  6. shippers i have that very book on my bookshelf - a student left it when he left Sultan, dont buy it because

    1. you get all the notes you will need here
    2. you may confuse or worry yourself unneccessarilly (spelling)
    3. its aimed at civvy boys not military

    dont bother - however if you really want too come and look at mey copy
  7. There's a difference?!
  8. hi, are you going for your AIB at sultan, or you doing trade training there?
  9. WOW GPZ_Pilot this one has been dead for a while. I will be doing my trade training.
  10. Course there's a difference. hammers are for putting wood screws in and spanners are for throwing in the air and catching
  11. Don't listen to Sgt Pepper Moo. He is apparantly all lip and no action. Do you not have access to a library and friends?
  12. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Don't try to learn engineering from a book unless you're goign in as an engineer officer. As stated previously (by clanky I think), get as much hands on spanner work as possible by an old moped, help rellies fix cars/ bikes/ boats whatever, just get used to using tools and mental processes applied to engineering.
  13. haha, so it has..

    oh well.. we potential officers are very perceptive like that XD

    have fun with your trade training.

    oh, btw, a Cornish screwdriver is a 14lb sledge hammer - but then again, Cornish screws are 6" nails...
  14. Read as many books as you like but don't take them as gospel. Be flexible in your approach, open your ears and eyes and listen.
    Aircraft like everything else have more than one way of fixing them - or so said the Qantas engineer recently :wink:
  15. bit o speed tape and that hole will be as good as new..

    i knew a guy once.. he fixed a bird strike to a hawk with speed tape, then said aircraft flew to St Athen to be fixed properly..

    it made it..

    Go RAF bodging...
  16. jeez I 've only been out 11 years and I am wondering WTF is going on 'ere. You ass'oles read books b4 going on courses etc....
  17. Let's hope you don't stand out in the wrong way and come over as a knowitall :thumright:
    You could alienate yourself from both your classmates and instructors.No one likes a smartarse!!
    Remember when I was instructing at Mercury one of the girls was ex Sea Cadets and knew everything lol Yeh right :toilet:
    She was soon put in her place.
    I don't know if the same policy applies but we used to instruct at the pace of the slowest trainee,so therefore you may find the course very boring if you are 3 steps ahead
    Just my own thoughts
  18. If I remember correctly, both can be used as effective weapons against raiding parties of civilians.
  19. Part 2 training at Sultan easy just learn all about the YB100 boiler and you should be fine :thumright: Thats what I had to do back in 88 :study:

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