Ah crap, I've got that too :-(
What is so unappealing about being given a Nivea For Men Anti-Ageing and Moisturising set? Doesn't sound too bad to me.

Is it that you two already have very nice moisturisers which you are using daily and that an extra product is surplus to requirements or that you don't want to use moisturiser of any kind?
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Sol, it's because they're real men.

Real men dont do that namby pamby shit because we're essence, if we age we do it in a manly way not a slap on the poof juice way. :)
Typing this on my new bells and whistles Kindle it`s the shiz and NO it`s not up for swaps for your gash socks and hidious Brut aftershave Crimbo abortiogifts! HaHa:slow:
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I have two boxes of these going spare on top of the wardrobe. Nice self-infecting
blood thinner hypodermic syringes topped up with watered down rat poison. I had
to scrub round one or two attempts at sticking myself - having partaken of a bit
too much Jim Beam over the Christmas Festivities. Will gladly exchange them for
a staple remover or a mobility scooter.
Thanks in advance,

The Gimp.


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