SUY Eligibility

Good evening everyone,

I'm new to the forum and hopefully I can get involved with some of the other discussions on here in due course, but for now I'm sorry to say it's take, take, take.

I was just wondering if any of you good people could answer a question for me. I'm considering raising my papers in the coming months and I'm doing some research as to the process, a few threads on here have been a great help so thanks for that.

My question is, BR3 states the following with regards to being eligible to attend an AIB:

[The candidate must]"Not have exercised, or be in the process of exercising, their notice option to leave the Service."

A few years ago I went through a rough time and submitted my termination notice. A couple of months down the line I successfully retracted my notice and recommitted to the RN. Does this mean that I will not be able to raise my papers and attend an AIB? That is how it reads to me, but I wondered if anyone out there has had any experience with this and could confirm/deny my fears.

Many thanks in advance.

It means if you've currently got your notice in, you can't get your papers raised.

As a top tip, if in doubt about anything to do with being an SUY, speak to your Recording Authority. They are the only ones who'll give you 100% appropriate information. Details in BR3.