Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Wilf, Sep 6, 2010.

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  1. Evening,

    I've just put in my chit to my DO to get my papers raised for SUY... it just seemed like the right time. I have a few questions, though.

    How many CW reports is the minimum required before an AIB? I am aware that the minimum time is 6 months from the date your papers are raised before an AIB, so I therefore assume it'll be 2 CW reports? My DO and CO here are army, and are really not too aware of the whole process, so I've printed the relevant BR and RNTM for them. Is it essentially up to the CO as to when you're ready? I take it he tells your DO to request an AIB date for you?

    Also, jumping ahead somewhat, on the actual AIB, are all candidates treated equally? For example, would I as a CPO SUY candidate get different questions in the General Naval Knowledge-type test / board questions?

    Good site by the way, recommended to me by an old shipmate who found it very useful for his AIB.

    Hello to everyone, and thanks in advance.....
  2. I would imagine that they may ask you different, perhaps more in depth naval knowledge questions due to the fact that your knowledge should be quite substantial considering you are an In-Service candidate. Alternatively, maybe they will test you less on naval knowledge as they might assume that you already have a decent knowledge of Naval Operations.
  3. What branch are you?
  4. So basically what you're saying is: ''I don't have a fcuking clue but I'll make some shit up to try and sound clever anyway.''
  5. Thanks for the help guys, I'll be getting in touch with the RA soon, as well as an oppo or two who've been through the process. Not surprised it'd be a board of just SUY. That's fairer for all concerned.

    Oh, I'm applying for Deep Specialist EW/CT.
  6. Hi Wilf,

    The main differences are that, as Jimbo said, you should be with other SUYs.

    Also, you will be expected to get a very good standard for your RNFT as the board sees it as an indicator of motivation.

    For your interview, the board will also expect you to give instances where you have used your leadership and management qualities above what is required of a CPO. For example, Mess Sec, leading AT expeds etc etc, just being a good CPO on your part of ship won't be enough, so it is worth seeking out these opportunities asap, although your DO (and from now on your Army equivalent HOD, XO and CO) should be "encouraging" you.

    As regards Naval Knowledge, you should be able to show a greater depth of knowledge than the bog standard civvy candidate.

    Also, as you are shore based with a load of pongoes, get in touch with your nearest Naval Education and Training Support (NETS) organisation at one of the Naval Bases, either Nelson or Drake, as they will have plenty of advice and resources available.

    Hope this helps, and best of luck
  7. Cheers fellas.

    Already got myself on a few 'committees'.. hopefully the CO here won't make me jump through a million hoops just to get a stab at the AIB.... I know that can be the case onboard, especially on capital ships.
  8. A student trying to pass advice to a CPO.

    Don't take our advice Chief take the student's instead!
  9. He's a CT, his specialist knowledge is limited to finding his way from his pit to the Chief's mess......


  10. Don't worry tommo, I'm not that f***ing naive!
  11. Fair one!
  12. In which case I'll amend my answer to:

    Demonstrate the ability to browse porn while telling everyone "Can't tell you - it's a secret"! :wink:

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