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So looking through bars to joining it says in other that suxamethonium sensitivity is a bar. My medical history says I had a reaction when I was 2. Is this going
Your application is already being looked at, isn't it, 00ilesg? Aren't you being reviewed at the medical stage anyway because of inhalers prescribed in 2003?

This sounds like a complex issue. I think that it will be in your best interest to see your GP next week, explaining that you are at the medical stage of the recruitment process; take the page from JSP 950 which refers to Suxamethonium with you and show it to him/her. If your GP tells you that what you are saying is true, ie that you "carry the atypical cholinesterase gene and … have been identified as requiring special anaesthetic precautions", you need to declare this. See your GP for further advice first, though. You may not be the best person to understand your medical notes correctly and you might have misunderstood something.

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