Sussex Police get lightweight Lotus Exige

Discussion in 'Motoring' started by Ships_Cat, Oct 28, 2007.

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  1. I wonder what two fat sweaty coppers they have driving it, and they'd have to be shortarses too...! Can just see Tosh Lines jumping out of it :thumright:

    Boy racers beware – Sussex Police have a new member on the force: a 140mph supercharged Lotus Exige.

    But don’t expect to see it careering around your estate – Sussex Police are showcasing the lightweight Lotus at events to get keen young drivers to talk to them.
  2. They've got a Honda Fireblade too.

    I've seen them both on the roads as well :pale:
  3. That's brilliant in a county with just one short strip of motorway and a couple of dual carriageways.
    I predict a short space of time until the Lotus is pranged!
  4. As one who survived the reckless driving of youth I now ask myself why are such high peformance vehicles freely available when the problem of driving accidents continues . Surely with some mechanical restraint on the hoons roads would become safer and insurance lower . FIIK why the madness is allowed to go on but such is life. At least the police are doing something in this case although I question the justification of such an expensive toy .
  5. How many "high performance vehicles" do you see involved in accidents? Most of the cars i've seen involved in collisions with other vehicles are in no way high performance. Realistically, the problem lies with shit drivers, not the machines themselves - people are idiots, limiting them to driving a burgundy Rover 25 will not stop them from crashing. Driving fast demands a hell of a lot more attention than doddering along at 55.

    I really hate your idea, nanny state gone crazy! Why are people so keen to suck the fun out of life?
  6. Fun is racing down a dimly lit street, going 120 to 220kph in a 60 to 100kph zone eh! until the inexperienced "kid" loses control,crosses two lanes and wipes out the family coming the other way...hmmmm fun fun fun

    (My car is registered to go 220 Kph, but I have yet to get it over 120...and on our streets (highways in most countries) the usual speed limit is 100 to 120Kph, so where's the thrill) :hockey:

    Note: if the maximum speed limit anywhere in the country is say 120Kph then maybe the cars shouldn't be designed to go any higher then that speed and some sort of governor placed on the engine...would eliminate most high speed chases which usually involve thrill seekers anyways... :threaten:
  7. Yeah, cos after all you make just as much mess of yourself crashing at 55 mph as at 140mph........well maybe you'd spread further at 140mph.
  8. Me too!
  9. But if you never push it, then how will you know what the machine is capable of if you need it.
    I don't just mean speed, but braking, handling, stability; these things need to be explored to properly know what can be done surely.
    How many people back off ABS brakes when the pedal starts to shudder, a lot I reckon.
  10. That misses the point; they haven’t bought one for its straight-line speed.

  11. Point taken and of course the car is about much more than that.
    I would love one as a toy but whether it is a suitable police patrol car must be open to debate.
    Given the parless state of the roads in Sussex its' performance will be limited to the usual constraint; going only fast enough to be able to comfortably stop within the distance seen to be clear.
    Given the amount of extra gear the police tend to carry, if loaded, will have an effect on both its' performance and handling.
    It does not have the 'presence of a big Mercedes or BMW etc, people would be less liable to move over for it.
    Conversely of course they may be less likely to identify it as a police car, which would be an advantage (for the police).
    As a PR tool then all well and good, but as a practical high mileage patrol car I would have my doubts.

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