Sussex has the situation totally weighed off....

sussex2 said:
Link says is tall and if you have never been, then you have missed something very special:
Seeing as how I am black, I find your posting of Sussex to be very disturbing.
How dare you post film of the KKK rally through the streets and expect us brothers to join in and congratulate you.
I hope you Honky's all burn your fingers letting off your IEDs and eternal shame on you, I hope all your camels wander and your flocks die. :twisted: :twisted: :cry:
Yes but we enjoy pint of Samuel Adams beer from Harvey brewey in Lewes.
Old Sam was amongst those who composed the declaration of independence for the 13 colonies, in the White Hart inn in Lewes.
Thus independence for the U.S. and anarchism in an Anglo Saxon fashion were born in sleepy Sussex.
Sadly we failed to head of a much heralded invasion by our Norman cousins a good few centuries earlier, something we humbly apologise for. But, hey ho, life ain't perfect :lol: and most of us like to head for Normandy for a decent seafood meal :p

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