'Suspicious Package' Sent To HMS Collingwood - False Alarm


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Should make getting into Nelson interesting this week for the kids homecoming. Do you think Ill have to strip and get a full body cavity search?


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What does the RN have to do with Ireland though?
There are Royal Marines & Army courses held at Collingwood, besides just Warfairies & Weapons Engineers.

That said, it would be foolhardy to imagine that a terrorist would confine a terrorist campaign targeting the Army in isolation.

Then again, if you want a day off, find a dodgy parcel....


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Didn't the RN piss off the Irish with their Northern Ireland patrol, looking for weapons etc on ferries and fishing vessels etc ....
Not exactly. The most cheesed off and uncooperative in my experience was a German officer of a German flagged vessel who didn't think the old man needed to be informed that his vessel had been boarded. Old man was quite cross at his officer but understood what we were about.

Those of us with long memories or an interest in naval history will remember that the IRA murdered Admiral of the Fleet Mountbatten in 1979.


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Were the WE's worried it was polyester pillows and not the duck feathers they're use too. Or maybe the dabbers sweating over the calculators being delivered to the naafi and how to work them.

Drama queens.

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