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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by hobbit, Jul 15, 2007.

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  1. Justice does knot hang about here

    Rare public execution for woman in Iran
    Monday July 16, 2007
    An Iranian woman who killed her husband and paid two men to murder three of her in-laws has been hanged along with her two accomplices at an execution watched by thousands of people, an Iranian newspaper reports.

    The woman, identified only as Houriyeh, 29, and the two men, Farhad and Reza, were sentenced to death for the murders three months ago in north-western Iran, the Tehran-e Emrouz daily said.

    The trio were hanged.

    Hanging is the most common form of execution in Iran but women are rarely executed in public.

    The newspaper published a picture of Houriyeh and the men hauled into the air by ropes attached to cranes.

    Houriyeh was wearing a head-to-toe black chador.

    The newspaper said the woman had strangled her husband while he slept.

    The same night, her two male accomplices strangled her husband's parents and stabbed his brother to death, it said.

    "She (Houriyeh) had serious problems with her husband and hated his family. She hired Farhad and Reza to kill her brother-in-law and his parents," an unnamed judiciary official told the paper.

    The case attracted great public interest and about 5,000 people, including judiciary and police officials, gathered to watch the hangings.

    Murder, rape, adultery, armed robbery, apostasy and drug trafficking are all punishable by death under Iran's Islamic Sharia law, imposed since the 1979 Islamic revolution.
  2. Saves paying a fortune to keep them in prison as well ,
  3. It's a gruesome affair. They hanged these two teenage boys accused of raping a 13 year old boy. In fact they has engaged in consensual acts with one another, but the Iranian authorities routinely justify their systematic execution of gays for first offences (contrary to the Prophet's teachings!) by accusing the victims of serious crimes which has the effect of inciting the crowd, here about 5000 men.

    If you want to kill of someone you dislike in Iran, simply denounce them as gay, an apostate, blasphemer, adulterer, drug trafficker, etc. It's just like Russia under Stalin and Germany under Hitler!


    The image below demonstrates how the Iranian woman and her accomplices were executed.

    Apologies for posting the piccies directly. I'm afraid that I've become somewhat hardened to this sort of thing over the years, largely because I am all too aware that this could be me, had I the misfortune of being born in any country where extermination (alias the death penalty) is the norm.
  4. FFS Always. Do we have to have the bloody phots on this site. Why can't you hyperlink and give a warning. Not everyone gets their jollies from looking at these type of images.

  5. Methinks a link would have been better Always!! :thumbdown:
  6. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Not just a link for the photos, I'd like to see something to show that they hadn't raped the youngster, not just just AAC's usual rant about Gays and Religion
  7. As Iran is a brutal regime I expect they will be in for some shock and awe especially as they are an oil rich country. Oh no I forgot, Blair has gone and Bush is on his way out.
  8. The hanging was widely reported at the time and discussed. The use of trumped up charges is known to be the norm. Originally the Iranian authorities made clear that the two youths were executed for sodomy (1,2). (In Iran and Libya, single men are watched by the police in the belief that unmarried men must be homosexual.) Only when this led to diplomatic protests did they then claim the youths raped an officer's 13 year old son.

    I am well aware of what is going on because I am a member of Amnesty International who are beginning to campaign in this area.


    (2) [note: this news report is in Farsi] This was one of the the first official reports picked up in the West on this story. IRNA is a respected source.


    Me... ranting about gays and religion... surely not! :eek: :twisted: :roll: :-\\\\ :oops: Janner, wash your mouth out with a lump of pusser's hard: you know it's good for you! :wink: :biggrin: :) And stop spouting the truth... dear me lad, what are we going to do with you. Have you thought of becoming our next Prime Minister? :)
  9. A novel use for a surplus crane.
  10. Cranes are an endangered species. I'm sure it illegal to misuse them in this way! o_O
  11. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Steve, my initial point was that it was an airy fairy statement without articles or references to back it up. Your first reference I stopped reading when Thatchells name came up. The second I couldn'd read as the language was never taught in Janner schools during my student days, as for the third they sound like a pretty impartial bunch - not.
  12. So WHAT is your 'hang up' Always? want to get on the bandwagon maybe?
  13. No only once!
  14. Looking at the crane, there'd be an outcry from the HSE over here! I mean the driver hasn't deployed the outrigger legs, would mean that the crane could be unstable with a heavy load on it (so no fat bug*ers eh!)
  15. :toilet: (Do we have to have the bloody phots on this site)
    Can't see the problem meself, does that make me sick or something as I don't find those phots shocking at all ? :tp:
  16. Barbaric. End of!
  17. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

  18. IMO no , given the kind of material we are bombarded with every day in all forms of media . In comparison to some it's mild . Graphics are needed to bring attention to what's happening in the world . My weakness is when I see cruelty to animals , then I often close my eyes or switch off the TV and sometimes shed a tear , innocent helpless creatures have no choice or defense against HUMANS ?
  19. :toilet: :money: (Barbaric.)
    Possibly but for the correct way to do it have a look at the film 'Pierrepoint', story of this Country's last Excutioner, now thats the way to do it. Mind how you go. :tp: :threaten:

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