Suspect burglar hurt in attack

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Mar 1, 2007.

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  1. Oh jeez, "no win no fee" coming their way methinks
  2. Whilst the details seem a bit sketchy, if he was in fact the burglar he deserved every bit of it. Just have to hope it was not a case of mistaken identity. Therefore if I was the judge, if the injured bloke was found guilty i would drop charges again the assailants, and if not do 'em.
  3. It may not be PC but my view is that if more of the scroats were given a good seeing to they would turn away from crime far more quickly than a few visits to the magistrates court.
  4. I am afraid that 4 blokes doinng over an aleged burglar several streets away is not legal, and if allowed would give the chavs even more excuses to use for some of their more violent activities.
  5. It may not be legal....................but I bet its effective :smile:
  6. Depends quite who the burglar is, round where I used live youre heros would be picked off one by one by chummies mates, and the house would get a proper doing over.
  7. Slim,
    I think that you should become a Magistrate.
  8. Burglary is a crime and should be punished by law.
    Assault is a crime and should be punished by law.

    The authorities can not allow vigilantes to take the enforcement of the law into their own hands, that is the responsibility of the police force. If we permit such vigilante attacks to continue, then we render the police and the justice system redundant and possibly even the Government may become useless as the country decends into anarchy, which is why these four chaps will be made an example of. The correct procedure that they should have undertaken would be to inform the police of their suspicions and allow the police to conduct an official investigation.

    However, because they initiated the attack it can be construed as assault, and it will be very easy for the burglar to assume the position of the victim, therefore, he will walk away Scot free.
  9. Then the purpotrator would say " It wasn't me and all my mates will tell you I was with them". If he does get to court what would be the punishment.?
    It is little wonder that in the current PC climate vigilantes are starting to appear
  10. Then I argue that the appearence of vigilantes is the next step in the downwards spiral of political correctness that will ultimately lead to the complete inability of the current parliament to govern effectively. There is only one solution:

    Radical Reform!
  11. In some parts of most towns it has always been there, in the estates where most had no insurance and thus no need to report theft, these problems were always sorted out locally. The growth of contents insurance made theft from your neighbors acceptable, they would then clain better gear back from the insurance people so you were realy helping them.

    If our nice local burglar in this case had 'fallen' down the stairs trying to get away evryone would have been happy, but the four prats went and did the guy over in the street and got caught, silly. Their best bet now is to plead guilty with provocation and previous good character (if they can) as mitigation and perhaps they will get off lightly
  12. Where this theory fall flat on its face is for those who belong to minorities who have every reason to remain mistrustful of the police and in any event still do. If you belong to one of these minorities (as I do) you are faced with two options: put up with it (as I've learned to do) or take the law into your own hands.

    So you see there are times when vigilantism is necessary as a deterrent - but as a matter of policy is must be strongly resisted! If you engage in vigilantism you must be prepared to suffer the consequences! And the punishment ought be custodial to act as a warning to others!
  13. I have to disagree with the liberal anti vigilante crowd as i know full well if it had been my home he had entered without consent with the presumed intent of helping himself to my hard owned possesions i would have chased him untill i caught him or had a heart attack ( proberly the later ) i would not have stopped at my front door turned around and waited for the old bill to arrive and take a statement
  14. What's to stop the yobs having their own vigilantes, to sort out the "legal" vigilantes??

    Anarchy rules supreme
  15. There is absolutely nothing wrong with giving chase and apprehending the chav to hand over to the police, and you can use enough viollence to to achieve this. What is not allowed is having caught the little scrote is to then give him a good kicking as well. Minimal force must be used but force can be used.
  16. In some areas I know very likely, and already happening, they call it gang warfare.
  17. ************************************************

    Gay Maxi_77. :idea:

    Although I am far removed from the trouble in the UK, I keep in contact through a web site from the village I was born in.

    They are actually going through this very problem, and last weekend they had a meeting in the local hall and asked two policemen along, these young cops surprised the locals by telling them the problems that they would find themselves in, by forming "Vigilante Patrols" ie. patrolling the area, guarding the properties and dealing with whom ever they caught by themselves.

    Advising them against doing anything physical to whom ever they caught, and that by just organising these patrols to combat the menace, they would themselves be liable for "Jail time" if the perpetrators complained about being assaulted by the group.

    However it seems that although the police gave this advice, they are not going to provide any extra protection to the area by extra police. Well I say extra, there were four local police stations in the 6 villages in the area, up until say ten years ago, when some-one authorised the dismantling of local police stations and personnel, promising that there would be patrols constantly provided. Of course this never happened.

    So what do people do ?? Do they just turn the other cheek and hope that it doesn't happen to them?? Or do they go ahead and provide the patrols that are definitely required in the whole area. Something must be done !! But what??

    pingbosun :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:
  18. AFAIC, if someone 'breaks' into my home then that entitles me to 'break' him or her.

    I am totally sick of this country and the liberal wipes who continue to preach to us all what we should or shouldn't do.

    Its MY home, MY possessions and MY things which I have worked hard for and if some little scroate attempts to take them, then he is fair game for a baseball bat.

    If any of you liberal people out there don't like it or really think the police will ever actually do anything, then you really are in cloud cuckoo land.

    Rant over.
  19. I presume calling me Gay Maxi was intended to be an insult, and if it was it really takes any strength away from your argument, and removes any obligation on me to provide a reasoned reply.

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