Surviving Norway Chris.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Rumrat, Jan 19, 2012.

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  1. Down Bugis street one night sitting at "peters" tables (remember him Chris) minding my own business trying to decide if I was going to kill one of the criss cross quiz boys or maybe just have another beer.
    For whatever reason Norway Chris then a "baby sailor" decides to pick a fight with the kytes who seem to have upset him.
    Now we all know there a shower of raving nosh, but on the other hand they are fuckin blokes and when there is a fuckin herd of them well, to be honest it's a lot of bother when you are under the weather.
    So the fracas starts and punches thrown, a few of the lads do a quick commando raid and get Chris back, before they shagged him to death.
    Over the other side of the street a bunch of the sexually confused emerge from cover and throw a bottle that hits Brum fu.....d on the head.
    Now I have eaten a big lump of something guaranteed to keep me awake.
    So down I charge at the kytes like fuckin john Wayne and smack a bastard right on the shonk.
    As I walk away one sneaky bitch bottles me, and opens my head like a friggin melon.
    Now usually this blow would have stunned shrek, but the stay awake food was not having it.
    I turned like fuckin Bruce Lee ( ever seen a kytes eyes bulge) and twats the fucker who bottled me.
    Bleeding like a stuck pig the lads decide to do an emergency ward ten on me and fix me up with tissue and maskers. (Who the fuck took maskers ashore? Good man) and I was repaired without leaving the street.
    Once we had explained to Norway Chris kicking the shit out of kytes is not good and calling on them for a multi lateral ceasefire, we stayed and tried to catch that elusive sunrise over Bugis street. I did as a matter of fact as I could not sleep, but unfortunately my claim was unsubstantiated so dismissed.
    So forlorn and battered we picked ourselves up packed Norway Chris into a suitable conveyance ( a black bag or something and wove our weary way back to Sembawang for 7.30 ready to turn too at 08 dubs.
    I survived Chris that day but there were others believe me.
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  2. I'm gonna be back in Singers next month, can't f~~king wait.

    Married a Seremban chick I met out there so she wants to go back and see the old stomping ground.

    No objections from this callsign!!
  3. Are there any old matelot bars still in existence from that era. Apart from the obvious four floors which I think is a hell-hole!!!
  4. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    There is always a Duty Watch bar. Names and locations change but the sense of despair and lose of hope remain.
  5. Duty Watch bar is the last place I'd go near while on leave!
  6. Last time I was there in '86 most of "the ville" had been taken over by the NZ Crabs!

    Can't remember the name of the bar but can always remember bunch of us (PO's) watching some young stoker getting on well with a bunch of young "ladies" in one of the corner booths along with a few of his more "worldly wise" mess mates who were egging him on ... then someone sauntered over to whisper gently in his ear and his face dropped ... the young lady who he was lavishing his attention on noticed his suudden lack of ardour so asked him what was up (or not as the case may be) ... so he told her ... She went burzequack! Pulled off her clothes there and then and paraded around starkers for all to see ... oops ... seems our young lad had probably stumbled on the only "female" ... definity female and not a re-treaded lady boy .... only now she was well and truely pissed off she grabbed up her clothes and vacated the building!

    Oh how we laughed!!!!!
  7. In the 60's and 70's gender benders were few and far between in the ville as I recall. There was a great knockin shop up the road at Champong which was half way to Neesoon.
    As most from my era can attest to the ville was just that a village. Neesoon was not much better, just a couple of bars, Johnny Gurkha for your tats and of course Virgins Corner. Then the deadly fast black ride up to Sembawang Hills for the market and then the three lanes of hell into the town. Eyes closed or viewing the porno offered by the driver whilst doing 90 in a massive merc crossing lanes and usually looking over his shoulder. No wonder you needed to be pissed just to get back.
  8. wal

    wal Badgeman

    Thats how I remember it I think, Rummer. Through a Tiger haze.
  9. Was there 62/3 on Hermes then again on married accompanied 68-70 .
    Lived Johore but did the Singapore night scenes cos JB was a bit quiet!
    Drive down the Bukit tima park old car at the last roundabout then taxi into Boogie Street . My Mrs couldn't believe
    the ladyboy /kyties --spent half her time checking/guessing male or female with adams apple sizes !

    Think its all squeaky clean now with the Singapore Government and the Causeway to JB is a permanent traffic jam with passport controls .

    The Aussie and New Zealand forces took over but I think Terror is now a memory--with a museum !

    Happy days for sure
  10. Yes it became ANSUK forces replacing (SEATO) (Australia, Newzealand, United Kingdom) in72/3 when they handed over Terror to the Aussies and it bacame Woodlands Garrison.
    I loved Terror it was my first draft in 65.
  11. Reading all these old Singers dits makes me realise that I was born about 30 years too late!!!
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  12. Oh and please dont forget the "LOVELY RITA" at the strip club in Mombasa,couldnt believe it when she told us she was from Brum,before you ask yes i did and so did a few others :)

    Ps, Your memory is unbelievable,i had forgotten all about the runs ashore from our time on the Dev
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2012
  13. Sorry but you'd be sorely disappointed. Singapore looks as sparkly as a fairy's wand but it is pretty soulless. Bugis St has a proper market there, with shops and multi-storey shopping malls. The red light districts are gone and everything is clean as a clean thing on clean day. The only saving grace is Orchard Towers is still doing a roaring trade and, as ever, it's best not to go to the 4th floor.....unless you want to re-live Rumrat's flighting exploits. I was there the night before last and, at £8/pint, got rid of a fairly serious number of beer vouchers. I invested the 4 floors money in black pepper prawns and chilli crab; not because I've turned gay or 'owt but because I'm off to Bangkok tomorrow and can get a much better deal in Soi Cowboy :-D

    Singers has changed a LOT in the last 10 years and I'm sure you old salts wouldn't recognise it one iota =(
  14. What a bunch of twats,Singers sounds a boring dump now,letter of complaint on its way to the local bods in government,cant imagine what they were thinking when they cleaned up boogi strasse and moved them very friendly girly boys on,. . . . true dit,i met and had a drink with an ex crab who was looking for a cheepy sex change down Boogi st,beutifull blonde hair if my memory serves me correct,, , , no i didnt :)
  15. Bugis street las April

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  16. Next you'll be telling us they have taken away the Bugis Stret pill box / gentlemen's toilet.......

    Oh the stench as you stepped over the threshold - not recommended when wearing flip flops. How do I know........?

    And there was always an Aussie / Kiwi doing a dance of the flaming arseholes on the roof!!

  17. Are you still there Pontius? I'm gonna be back out in SEA this weekend for a month!
    As soon as I hit my TX date I'll be straight out there for good!!!
  18. I knew how to get onto th.................
  19. :-D My Saturday routine in Singapore was; Bus and or fast black to the Brit Club spend the p.m. swimming. Shower take a stroll through the Cathedral grounds to the Union Jack club for cheap and good big eats. Take a seat in one of those bamboo chairs and read the Straits Times, or nap. :slow: Make way upstairs to get a seat and order Tiger Tops two at a time watch the talent contest, the last act always won because we were all too pissed to recall the others.:evil3: Finish up in Bougis street with bottles of "screech" and eating red hot roast chickens with bare hands.:laughing2: Some time ago someone posted photographs of the Brit Club. Made me cry, can any one find them please.:-|
  20. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    See? The Ladyboys are still doing a roaring trade on the street corners... :wink:

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