Surviving Knob Rot

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Rumrat, Sep 30, 2012.

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  1. Alright I've seen the statistics so own up which of you dirty fuckers are squeezing up?
    If you allow that the population of the UK is about 65,000,000 current levels of clap in one form or another are 15% which means 4,750,000 have knob rot.

    So some of you dirty fuckers statistically have clap, you dirty bastards.
    As an MA i used to deal with clap cases at the daily Cockaleeky clinic, and the smell was fuckin awful.
    Two six squeeze onto a side was the order of the day and penicillin was handed out like smarties.
    Fuckin good job there was no AIDs virus in those days,....yuk.

    Which still does not get around the fact some of you dirty dweebs have the boat up.
    Keep away from me as blobs are for losers.
    I wonder who in these threads would be man enough to tell us your dripping yarns.

    Some die of constipation, and some of diarrhoea,
    And some from drinking whiskey and some from drinking beer,
    But of all the bad diseases there's none that can compare,
    Than the drip drip drip of a syphilitic prick and the smell of gonorrhea.
  2. Innocent your most noble scablifternest, I can honestly say I've never caught the boat although I did get scabies from one of Big Nances oppo's.
  3. Scabies don't count it aint knob rot, I caught it off a blanket in Pembroke barracks. Both the blanket and me were naval underachievers and it is suspected neither of us ever did anything to brag about.
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