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Survival Equipment Fitter


Lantern Swinger
The role will involve the Survival Equipment Bays maintaining Emergency Escape Parachutes & Life raft Assemblies with opportunities to migrate into the Aircrew Equipment Assembly Maintenance at Valley, including Life preserver and Immersion Coverall Maintenance
We are looking for a highly motivated individual with previous Survival Equipment knowledge & experience
You will be required to blend into the present shift patterns that cover an extensive flying programme and accompany aircraft and aircrew on detachments as part of the Section rotation as and when required.
Essential to your success in this role will be a positive outlook and the ability to welcome and accept change.
The position is both varied and demanding; Generating and maintaining high standards of workmanship and trade skills commensurate with the Quality Assurance requirements of the Company's Quality Management System. Above all, you will be essential to the success of our client at RAF Valley.
This position will be based at RAF Valley, although from time to time you may be required to work from alternative sites as operational requirements dictate.
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