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In the interests of Science (sort of) I would like to ask the members of RR what their favourite book genre is and why? I appreciate that many readers don't stick to just one so tick your favourite in the poll and add any others in your posts, I may place another poll in the future to find out if I am the only freak who read 2 or 3 books a week! If I have missed anything obvious PM me and I will add them to the poll, nothing obscure like "19C Gothic Mythical Victoriana"

My favourite is fantasy Fiction because I like to escape the real world.

I also read maths and popular science books because I'm lazy and like to be told how the Universe works rather than try and work it out for myself!
Voted Fantasy, but could have voted for Military/Historical and Biography as well, oh and Sci-Fi... :thumright:

Started out with The Hobbit and Wind in the Willows as a kid, so took it from there... :hockey:


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Went for Crime, but also Military and General History. I read 2/3 books a week. Sci Fi and the like hold no interest at all


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Beginning to wonder if I should add a "please don't ask because I can't read"(but obviously you wouldn't know I had placed that option) or a "books are for geeks option :study:


War Hero
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A book a day if not sidetracked by Grandpa duties/RR/Times or Telegraph Crosswords/Kakuros. Am (long overdue) reading and enjoying Southey's Life of Nelson; amazing parallels with today, resources not matched to mission, 'no masts available east of Gibraltar', Whitehall not backing the officers at the sharp end, Lord Hood resigns in disgust because he hasn't enough ships to get the job done, RN having to do the pongoes' job, French masters of intrigue, procurement corruption on massive scale, etc etc. Jack saves the day of course (repeatedly).
Have read and enjoyed all genres over the years, currently reading the Chief inspector Allen books by Peter Robinson but the best book I have read recently is Winter in Madrid by C J Sansom, heartily recommended to all.
I voted for crime thrillers, but am happy to read anything that is well written. I recently read "The Time Travellers Wife" and thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish.
Started off when I was young with the classics like "Tom Sawyer" and "Huckleberry Finn", then graduated through anything to the current day, where I read any impartially different military book (if there is such a thing). Rather partial to David Eddings, Dale Brown and most non-fiction WWII books, especially Charles Whiting. Is there anyone else out there that still goes into hysterics where Tom Sawyer "treats" the cat to a dose of Aunt Pollies "medicine" ? Still one of the funniest bits of literature I ever read, and still raises a smile today.
Went for crime, especially a newish Scottish author Stuart MacBride writes graphic (Blood and gore, example? ..One of the victims in his latest 'Broken Skin' dies due to blood loss after being throughly reemed by a hugh dildo up the ass!!) MacBrides books, 3 published now, are set in Aberdeen and the cast of characters is grimly humourous ,my favourite is the chain smoking/ lesbian/ lazy bitch DI Steel. (Bet thats got a few of you interested. :thumright: )
Have also been wading through the Barry Eisler, John Rain series lots of uber violence and ultra cool Japanese based lifestyle themes.
Also read biographies and military non-fiction, currently reading Heydrich: The Face of Evil by Mario R. Dederichs a biog of Reinhard Heydrich, the nasty SS Billy No Mates bastard who dreamed up/organised the Final Solution.
While I voted for fantasy in the survey, like many others I read a fairly wide cross section of books. Something I have discovered fairly recently is 'alternate history' of the type written by Harry Turtledove.

His novels examine historical events in a 'what if' way. Things like the Americans and the Germans being WWI allies and the war raging across the US and Canada, or the Confederate states winning the American Civil War thanks to the arrival of time travellers with crates of AK47s for General Lee to arm his troops with.
Having served in the 60/70s, and not having access to today's modern technology (standfast iPods !! ;) )

At sea I read everything I could lay my hands on (fiction/non-fiction/any other - even the BR96 at times !! ).

However, I am currently reading fiction novels:

Alexander Kent/Bernard Cornwell Bolitho & Sharpe novels

James Paterson Alex Cross novels

Kathy Reichs forensic expert Temperance Brennan ( currently being shown on Sky as 'Bones' )



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Slowly working my way through the 'Reacher' collection. Also the odd 'Dirt Pitt' now and then, but I'm finding them very repetitive.
Crime Thillers at the moment hence the vote but Clive Cussler, Wilber Smith and Dan Brown are normally in the running. Been a few fantasy / thrillers recently about the Knights Templar which have been good (bit Indiana Jones and the ..... type of thing)

Tend to read 2 - 3 books a week given the chance but really I'm game for anything that has a bit of adventure, a decent story line ... oh and lots of gratuitious sex!
I tend to like the historical thriller aka Dan Brown et al much the same as you MG. Loads of fiction woven with historical fact to give the story a bit of plausibility. I tend to be near a computer though so if something is mentioned (whatever era) I can google it, sad git that I am.
I tend to like the historical thriller aka Dan Brown et al much the same as you MG. Loads of fiction woven with historical fact to give the story a bit of plausibility. I tend to be near a computer though so if something is mentioned (whatever era) I can google it, sad git that I am.
You're not the only one. We spent the (late) summer hols at a place near Carcassonne which is where a lot of the Cathar / Templar bits kicked off in Europe. had read "The Last Templar" before we went and it was on about a lot of the places we actually visited and it was as if I'd been there before ... the description of Renne le Chateau was as it was walking up the street even down to the bit where the sin bosun got his dosh from!

Happy reading!