Surrey dripping with money voted to leave-Why?

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Putzifly, Jun 30, 2016.

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  1. It was inconceivable that Surrey, a County with so many millionaires, would have voted to leave the EU.
    But they did----Remarkable.
    Their two principal M.P.'s, both Tories, were leavers and the Flock followed suit. I can't get my head round this.
    Many Labour M.P.'s failed to get their constituents to follow their advice to remain and voted to leave are as bewildered as I am.
  2. If you lived in Surrey, or come from there as I do, with family all still there, you'd know that is a flawed argument. Yes there are millionaires there but not as many as you may think.

    Try walking around Croydon or other large towns in Surrey and you'll soon realise it's not all leafy lanes and rich stockbrokers.
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  3. A bit like pointy head land then with leafy lanes and broke blokes?
  4. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    This should be in the EU thread
  5. some one with the power may choose to move it
  6. That is true. But how many of the disparate residents of Croydon got up off their fat back-sides and voted?
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  7. Roughly the same proportion as in all the other counties and large towns I would imagine.
  8. Given that, why did their Remain vote not sway the result? Could it be that they could not be bothered to get up off their fat arses and vote?
    What is the reason then, for a (mostly_ moneyed ) County voting to leave.
    Please explain?
  9. If we're going to have a separate thread on the Brexit raising questions, then shouldn't it be about why did Cornwall and the North East vote leave, when most of their income comes directly from the EU?
  10. Then why not consider the reasons. Why did Cornwall vote Leave?
    Intelligent debate could follow.
    Why do you think Cornwall, of all places, voted to leave?
    It might well bore you considering it, but be of much interest to others.
  11. The leave result I believe is a reflection in how disaffected many of the populace are with the EU and the manner in which the EU have been driving their complex agenda.

    I further feel that your initial assumption that the well off should have voted remain. This i believe is flawed for the reason that I have suggested above. I fail to understand your bewilderment on this.

    For many months/years, the clamour of disaffection displayed by the general populace of this nation has grown in volume each time a new directive has been pushed out. Some of the directives were obviously good and found favour, some weren't and didn't. I believe in some part this was reflected in the referendum result.

    Several hundred years ago, one of the Popes (it may have been Pope Urban V) sent a letter to King Edward II (it may have been Edward III - can't recall exactly which, sorry) demanding that the King send money to the Pope to assure him and his nation that they will remain in favour with God and his chums.
    The letter was passed around the King's advisors who subsequently voiced their dissatisfaction with the peculiar request.

    For me, there are echoes here and similarities to be drawn.

    But I am still at a loss as to why you think the vote result is purely finance driven, when you point out that Cornwall (presumably a less well off county) also voted out. It's not about getting off their 'fat arses'. As you are no doubt aware, this vote had the biggest turnout for quite some time.

    Anyway...that's my feeling on it.
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  12. Polto has given my answer far more eruditely than I. The debate wouldn't necessarily bore me but strike me as rather pointless as the debate will just go round in circles, prove nothing and achieve nothing.

    To answer your question with a question though..why do YOU think most of England and Wales voted out?
    That includes "working class"* areas as well as affluent areas.

    *working class in parenthesis because the phrase is over used and not clearly defined as to who constitutes it.
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  13. I wouldn't like to speculate, but I bet that Mining and Fishing have something to do with it.
    It's an even more surprising result as Cornwall is traditionally Liberal and they are going to campaign on a remain ticket in the next general election. And also, the county is only still existing because of the EUs money, and holidaymakers.
  14. The EU pissed of the Cornish; messed up their fishing, refused to give them special status and support the farmers as much as they support the French farmers, when you piss of the Cornish they can hold a grudge? So best they start being nice to visitors?
  15. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I think that, as much as anything, it was used as a wake up call to all of the Political classes, from whatever country, ordinary people, rich or poor, young or old, are, I think, fed up with no one listening. The other thing is that the British don't like the thought of as being part of the empirial (is that a word) ambitions of Germany. I believe that we are only just seeing a massive upheaval throughout Europe, it would be nice to think that the Political part would be thrown out and just the trading agreements left.
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  16. Could it be that as a proud island nation we are well capable of looking after ourselves. We are not, and never will be a" kept " people. I'm talking of the indigenous people of course.
  17. We have a problem with our so called indigenous people as you call them. many of them are lazy idle bstrds who refuse to do any form of work and live like parasites on the over generous benefits.
    Thank goodness that we have immigrants who are willing to come to the UK and keep us from getting deeper in the sh!t.
    I voted OUT but I have no problems with immigration so long as it is controlled, I believe that after we leave the Poles, and others will still be here working and keeping us producing.
    Just hope that the controls will return all the thieving and begging bstrds back to country of origin.
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  18. Indigenous uumm for an island that had been raided and plundered for centuries, who exactly are they?
  19. To where they are indigenous? That will leave us with our own "lazy idle bstrds" as you call them.
    Think I might go with "all those thieving and begging bstrds back to country of origin" At least it will be warm.
  20. Go on then, I'll bite.
    Define "indigenous to the UK".

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