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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ReadymadeMonkey, May 1, 2013.

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  1. Hey Guys

    I had my interview on Monday (passed by the way) and the adviser said that the waiting time for the weapon engineers is drastically dropping. He said that its just over a year and dropping month by month. Really surprised as he said at the beginning it was a 2-5 year wait! Well happy
  2. Passed my RT today, was given my Interview for next week and told that I could be at Raleigh in 11 months, possibly less.

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  3. But why did you join. If you say you joined because there are no jobs at home, and you see the navy as a long term career with chances of promotion, then you are in the same boots as so many others. When the recession hit, everyone decided the military was the way to go. But now many of those applicants don't want to do it anymore.
  4. Tanter where in any of this thread did I say that I was joining because there are no jobs about?....................
  5. Where in my post did I say that is what you said?
  6. Right there.....
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  7. That should have been a question... :smooch:
  8. Ah then I appologize my bad. I join as its a family career and I'v always wanted to join when I was knee high to a grasshopper. Also i dont really want to be a nobody Desk Jockey and how the opportunity to become someone if that makes sense.
  9. The usual reasons for joining the forces:

    - Career
    - Family
    - No other jobs
    - Pride
    - Adrenaline Junkie
    - Nutcase who loves guns
    - Ultimatum by parents
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  10. The older I get due to the long wait, the less romantic my reasons become for joining the RN.
  11. What about seamen specialist wait times ? I completed my recruitment process and my SC is in progress how long roughly anyone else in same situation ?
  12. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    What, cannon and GIMPY's?

    If you really, really want the military life, you'll wait. For some, you have no choice. That's the way it is i'm afraid.
  13. Your careers advisor will have the wait times, but apparently they change regularly so expect the worst hope for the best i guess! The wait time for what i want to do has gone up 8 months in the space of a few weeks :( the wait will be worth it, but i can see why a lot of people never take their place; a lot can change in a few years. Oh well, planning to get a rubbish job or go travelling so i dont get settled as id always regret not doing it :p
  14. I cant wait to get in, I got told about 14 month wait for Aircraft engineers but my recruiter said it might get less because they need to put people on the new carriers. Never really been to sea before though, thinking of volunteering on the lifeboats or coastguard in the interim :D

  15. Just a heads up. I thought about doing this, I got in touch with the RNLI to see if i could help out in anyway and as soon as I mentioned my situation with joining the navy they wouldn't even consider taking me on. Apparently (like everything) it's down to insurance. It was explained to me that the insurance companies require that all crew no matter what job they do have to complete a training plan which with the RNLI is over a 3 year period. Insurance to make tea and sweep floors.... Crazy!
  16. 14 months! Id have been in a month ago lol. I did consider looking at stuff with shorter wait times but thought nooo a few months more is worth it. Lucky that what u wanted to do has a short wait though :D
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  17. Not strictly true.

    To be an effective crew member you need to train, as well as gain experience. After all, you are going to be dealing with the safety of others in sea conditions that may be extremely challenging - the safety of yourself and your crewmates as well as those who may be in severe peril will be of paramount importance. Until you are well drilled then you may be a liability by doing something that you shouldn't or not doing something that you should. Worse, as a result of either you may become a potential casualty yourself and that poses a further danger to your crew as they now have one more casualty to deal with. To get to that stage of being a useful team member takes time and you are only of limited use until that time. So why would I, as the RNLI Coxswain, want to spend both time and money to train someone who may not even complete the training programme or if they do, foxtrot oscar shortly afterwards? Think about it critically. This is not just their reputation - lives are at stake.

    Or are you suggesting that having done RYA Power Level 2 you can just rock up in your lifejacket and drysuit and jump onto the next emergency call-out? The insurance will only require a crew member to be "competent" - it will be up to the organisation to determine what constitutes competence.

    This is the reason the forces and particularly the Andrew have minimum terms of service as well.
  18. The slightly more militant option would be to join the Royal Marine Reserve but i really wouldn't want to dick them about. Im going to phone up the detachment to see what they think, because i miss getting beasted up and down hills for the banter.
  19. The thrill of ironing your kit and idling on a gate for hours is indeed a rush that never quite fades. :)
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  20. Hi there my daughter recently passed out of phase 2 ET/WE . I was chatting to one of the lieutenant's and he said there is a shortage for the future when the Queen Elizabeth comes into service . They obviously found they had lost too many ET/WE and need them now so they are up to speed in a couple years time . Maybe that could be the reason for such an drop in join time. My daughter had to wait 3 years .

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