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Surgeon Vice Admiral Ian Jenkins


Lantern Swinger
I heard yesterday, and it has been announced today, that Surgeon Vice Admiral Ian Jenkins died suddenly yesterday morning.

He was one of my first bosses in the Navy when he was MOIC of RNH Haslar and he subsequently went on to be MDG(N) and then Surgeon General before retiring and taking up the position of Governor of Windsor Castle. He was a truly wonderful man with a fantastic family and quite easily the nicest officer I ever had the pleasure to work for. He has left an indelible mark on the lives of many and will be very sorely missed.

RIP Sir.


Totally agree Jambosun. He truly was a Gentleman who I had the pleasure of working for several times during my time in the Navy and was my last "skipper" when I left.

A man who will be missed by many.
I never worked with a more caring consultant. He had a real sense of fun and, it has to be said, a real temper, but I'll never forget ribbing him when he was Prince Charles and the Princess of Wales' personal surgeon and was described by the BBC News as a "bodyguard" on a trip to Oz.

The last time we met he spoke warmly of Windsor Castle and his "new job".

There will be much more said when this becomes known, but of all those that went before who were knighted, there was none more deserving than ILJ. Condolences to Liz and family.


Surg VAdm Jenkins was a fantastic man. I only met him on a couple of occasions but he had remembered quite a lot about me from the first meeting! He was very supportive of junior medical staff and I vaguely remember a particularly enjoyable game of mess rugby.

He will be missed. May he rest in peace.


Incredibly sad.Epitomised what we should all aspire to be in the medical branch. Taken far far too early. Not fair to anyone, but deepest sympathy to Liz and family. Why?? So kind and genuinely cared for all.
ILJ joined the Service as a 2 1/2, took over the GU surgical mantle from Colin Buck and was mentor to some of the best that the RN recruited in his field. He was a very successful surgeon in his own right and went on to achieve the highest accolade available as Surgeon General - worth at least 2 of any before or since IMHO.

The operating theatre staff saw a more edgy side to his nature, but I wasn't one of them and only saw a helpful, quietly spoken, politically astute man, who had time for everyone.

I hope that we will get to know the funeral arrangements, as I would certainly like to pay my respects.


You are all right about Ian Jenkins; he was a gentleman and a scholar and will be sorely missed. I met him first of all in Gib circa 1980 and we met on and off for the next 20 years, either socially or professionally. Many years later when he was MOIC at Haslar I worked for him (the Jimmy) before he went on to become MDG and SG. He always had a smile and a ready word, athough doctors who screwed up could stand-by! His writing was incredibly neat and tiny. He inspired many a good surgeon in his own field, many of whom went on to greater things.
His last professional words to me were#take care of my hospital for me' as I handed him the Naval ensign that had just been hauled down for the last time. Sorry Ian, me and a few far more senior and influential failed on that score.
Sincere condolences to Liz and the family.
Also sad to hear that Alistair Neal (good bloke!) and David Lammiman died this week as well.


Lantern Swinger
I worked with Ian at Haslar for about 8 months when he was a mere SurgLtCdr back in 78 , then didn't see him for another few years until I bumped into him at the RGS in London at an Expedition Medicine Seminar about 19 years ago
A true gent, R.I.P Sir


Didn't hear about Alistair Neal popping his clogs! How/When/ What???? He was my MO in 86 when we went Global and echo the sentiments - a good bloke! Lived life to the full and knew how to enjoy himself.


Apparently Alistair died suddenly at home, In London. A more dapper, posh and pleasant Scotsman you are unlikely to meet. Good fun and constantly fined a round of port at mess dinners for barracking the dull and pompous guest speaker or Mess Prez. he usually bought champagne for some of us instead - excellent bloke.
David Lammiman died 3 weeks ago too.


Now why doesn't any of that surprise me! Can always remember him getting dragged back on board in Tonga by the Jimmy to certify the Nav O P**sed ... only IMHO he was probably more p**sed that the Nav.

I certainly have a lot of repect for the man both as a person and as a MO and I am sorry to hear of his passing.

Didn't come into contact with David Lammiman very much - Cons Gas Passer if memory serves me right but in my dealings with him he always struck me as being a good bloke.


Lantern Swinger
I too had the pleasure of knowing them all. ILJ very well as he was my immediate boss and Alaistair on a more social level. Sunday lunch at his place lasted for about 6 hours with every course being accompanied by at least 2 different types of wine as his lovely wife was a professional wine buyer, for Sainsburys I think. I had to be poured into the car to get home! It's been a black couple of weeks for the RN Medical Branch that's for sure.


ILJ was one of the biggest influences on me during my RN career. As a newly qualified staff nurse on A3 (officers') ward in Haslar he taught me to always be my own man and be a true medical professional regardless of rank or speciality. Later I moved to the urology ward and had the pleasure and privilege of working directly for him. As others have said, he was always a gentleman: tough but fair and always supportive of his staff. I watched his progression to Surgeon General with pleasure but no surprise and fully expected to see his name in a newspaper honours list as a knighthood - to see him, instead, in the obituaries is a bitter blow.

My deepest sympathies and prayers to Liz and his family at this sad time. I wish I could attend the service in Windsor on Friday 6 March but duty prevents this - he, of all people, would say that that must come first.
Ian was the greatest friend anyone could ever have. I first came across him at Haslar in the 80s, and got to know him as someone I could always rely on for advice. Always discreet , he was a great confidant.
I was privileged to be at St. George's Chapel for the biggest grandest funeral that I've ever attended.
My love and thoughts go to Lizzie, Georgie and Mike
We have lost a great friend, and the world is poorer for his passing.
RIP, Mate!
RumRation was mentioned in ILJ's eulogy, so BZ the site!

Awful circumstances, but an absolute privilege to be involved in the day and thanks in no small measure to the Boss's last employers. A very full chapel and more old medics than you could shake a stick at!

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