Surfing in the RN/RM


As a Saffa (from just outside Durban originally), I'm joining the navy shortly (just got security clearance after year-long wait, etc). Biggest downside to me was thinking I'd have to give up surfing.

But apparently not!
give the guys in the club a shout were always lookin for some new blood, think there might even be a couple of saffa's in the club but not 100% sure about that as i've not made it that far south for a while
Will definitely give the club a look up. I might eventually end up near to where you are there in Faslane, as I'm joining as a diver. Where do you surf when you get the chance? Up north by Thurso, Brimm's Ness, etc? Heard it's awesome up there.
Nearest spot to Faslane for a surf is down by Machrihanish/Westport which are about five miles outside Campbeltown..which is where i live, its around a two hour drive down from fassers, or you can head through to the east coast where you have St Andrews, Pease bay and Coldingam all a pair of hours away. If your headin north or onto the islands it'll take a bit longer. If your headin up Faslane any time in the next year or so give us a shout as I'll prob still be on Vengeance(port)

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