Surface to Air missiles in Libya



Ethics do not come into the equation where arms dealing is concerned it's all about economics; governments do not seem to care that the very weapons they sell today may well be used against them tomorrow. A classic example of selling arms to repressive regimes is the arms that we sell to Saudi Arabia, the very arms that were used to subdue the ‘Arab spring’ in Bahrain.


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Oh well, there's always other countries we can sell to... :shock:

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(Good job there's no state-of-the-art HM warships in the area to endorse this exhibition...) :twisted:


The good thing with selling our own advanced weapons systems is we tend to put kill switches in them.
Hmmm I remember one trip on Fearless when we were loaded up with all sorts of UK arms for sale, and we visited Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia selling our wares (back in the 80s). Gave us a laugh when a Challenger tank broke lose in roughers and was sliding around the tank deck, watching the booties chasing it back and forth with strops to lash it back down was fun. As it rolled away from them they all ran at it, then as the ship rolled the other way and it headed towards them, watch those booties scatter......hours of fun.

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