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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by birdman26, Jul 28, 2016.

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  1. I understand this has probably been asked a thousand times but up until my prnc I never ever considered submarines but after the breifs and seeing one at faslane it has kinda made me open minded to change, right now im going in as a ws (surface) but was wondering anyones opinion as if i should change to submarines or stay surface (bearing in mind im 16) I understand there is downsides and ups to it but just wanting some opinons thats all.
  2. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Enter Surface or Submarine into the search box.
  3. Go surface for at least one draft before coming over.
  4. Go AET, haven't got to worry about choice then. God's already chosen you :)
  5. Where abouts can i watch that series?
  6. Thanks Wrecker I think I will do that
    Don't think I had a high enough rt score to do AET haha
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  7. Deeps everytime done 20yrs
  8. Found the documentary and its making me lean towards subs abit more, ill think about it for a week then make my decision
  9. You need to go and have a lie down.
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  10. Pick your own avatar :mad:

  11. -
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  12. I thought that was you wrecks! :eek:
  13. Do what Wrecker says and join surface and transfer to sub(boats) later if you still feel the same. The upside of joining direct is that you should get into the RN quicker but don't let that be your guiding factor.
  14. I think im going to take that route, i already have a date for raleigh also
  15. Anyone got a link to the series?
  16. Damn interloper :rolleyes:
  17. You have to download it from youtube
  18. I can't believe someone is walting it as you!
  19. Knew it wasn't you wreckes he was a sprog with only 20year done, not like you father time:)
    The upside is called surfaced, the downside is called dived.
    I like wreckes did skimmer first, I enjoyed both for different reasons.
  20. Bound to happen sooner or later :D
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