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Surely this cannot be right?!


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Common law in Australia (and I assume in Britain) says that no one can be sued for rendering first aid provided they are acting in good faith and provide reasonable care that is not beyond their capabilities. No one is bound to render first aid unless they are a party to the incident, or are paid first aid officers, or have assumed a duty of care for another person.

So, unless you deliberately set out to cause further injury or stuff it up badly, you are in the clear, in spite of what ambulance chasing lawyers may say.
What a sad day when we are even discussing not helping when we can!

Nurses have certainly been disciplined by their professional body in the past when it has become known that they have not rendered assistance when able, but there seems to be a tendency to not get involved.

First aid is part of the school curriculum, so we should encourage its use.

This chap's litigation is wrong on all levels, but we have to recognise that too many paople make a living out of supporting litigation for it to just go away. If more magistrates and judges / juries were to err on the side of the care-giver that might go some way to redressing the balance. The Trust in this case should definitely have been required to formally apologise, but no more than that IMO.


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asst_dep_to_dep_asst said:
What a sad day when we are even discussing not helping when we can!

Just taking this thread in a slightly different direction. One Sunday a few years ago, I was walking the dog in some woods when I found a very young girl (about 4 or 5) in a clearing. First instinct, which goes against everything I stand for, was to leg it, which I did, though while shouting for her parents.

So was I right or wrong?

Scene 1. Parent finds distressed child being comforted by 'dirty' old man.
Scene 2. Parent is guided into location of lost child by anonymous shouted instructions.

What a truly sad state of affairs.
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