Surely this cannot be right?!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by sgtpepperband, Mar 6, 2009.

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  1. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Hospital payout after saving life

    A hospital pays £90,000 damages to a bloke who tried to kill himself, and who they saved, but in the process they made a mistake and damaged one of his arms.

    I read stories like this and I can't help thinking that I could turn up to an RTC or an assault, attempt to give first aid, and maybe break somebody's ribs while performing compressions - and that ungrateful git would then sue me.

  2. Wrong on all levels. He shouldn't have got fook all
  3. Todays world all over, they'll all looking for the fast buck, Sue them first ask questions later.


  4. Which is exactly why you should never play the Good Samaritan in the US!
  5. Heard this on the news this morning. Such stories are all too common these days. Everyone knows how stretched the NHS are without the need for such thoughtless little individuals heaping more, needless pressure on already troubled hospitals.
    The same applies to drink/drug abusers that end up in hospitals at the end of the night due intoxication or (deservedly so) a good shoeing. I know such cases have been scrutinised as to try and place some onus on the 'patient' to pay a fine. I for one, am for this.
  6. So true, used to be if you witnessed an accident, you immediately rushed to assist, now people will hesitate and "ponder" the ramifications, i.e. Pull driver from burning wreck, turns out neck is wobbly, thus being moved is now paralyzed from the neck down, but at least they didn't burn to call a lawyer... 8)
  7. "The Trust is very sorry that Mr Dexter suffered this injury and wishes him well for the future. ... a spokesperson later added that next time he tries to take his own life he should go to some other fcuking hospital for treatment the ungrateful bastard!
  8. A couple of colleagues when working in China witnessed an accident in which a young child was injured. They told the driver of the factory car to pull over and then rendered assistance, including calling an ambulance.
    Result, they had to pay all the child's hospital bills.
    Luckily these are not too expensive in China and they put them on their expense reports. The company paid them but told them if it happened again they were to continue and not stop.
  9. Too many c**ts out there these days, unless your a registered nurse best to jog on!
  10. Wel im a newly qualified first aider and and to my shock and horror if i went to france or other places where the laws exsist if there was an accident near by and people knew i was a first aider then i would have to by law stop and help until professional help arrived. Knowing that and the other fact mentioned above about people suing after first aid being administered im not sure i want to let people know im a first aider. :(
  11. I wouldn't worry about it Carrolannabelle. These idiots rely on no-win no-fee companies, and they only take the case if the opposition actually has a tonne of money (government/company). They don't tend to go after individuals unless they are loaded because they'll never get the money.
  12. I know but still it could potentially happen :|
  13. The old twat should have died.they should just let him slip away.afterall he did not want to live DID HE ???
  14. Couldn't make it up could you , the ungratefull ******** .........
  15. If you are a qualified first aider or health care professional I believe you have a moral duty to help, regardless of the threat of being sued.
    My wife is a nurse and has been advised, unofficially, not to assist were she to witness a road traffic accident for example, for fear of being sued. However I have not seen any evidence of an individual successfully being sued after having assisted an injured person in such a situation. Hiring a lawyer and taking someone to court does not mean they're going to be judged guilty. Plus, as Timetojoinup says, most such cases are brought by 'no win, no fee' companies. They're not about to take on a case that they'll lose. They need decent payouts to stay in business, more than they'd get from you.

    There is also a world of difference between a first aider assisting at the scene and the actions of a qualified doctor in a hospital. Without wishing to sound like I am in any way defending this person, it's a fact that the hospital made a cock-up. He was given 4 times the recommended dose of sodium bicarbonate which left his arm damaged. While that was given as part of the life saving treatment administered to the patient it was an avoidable mistake.
  16. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    PexP: While I agree with your sentiment, I concede that a person should be made accountable for a genuine mistake, but I doubt they consciencely went into the situation to cause long-term harm or injury. Discipline or retrain accordingly, but to damage an already stretched NHS financially is an act of selfishness.

    But imagine the fallout had the doctors and emergency medical teams left him to die! :shock:
  17. Clearly it's through the media filter, and one of the healthcare professionals will have a better view, but four times the dose seems more than a mistake.

    That said, 90k does seem excessive given the other information in the article, although not a huge amount in practice.
  18. as a first aider (im assuming only a level 1 or 2) you have no LEGAL obligation to assist in an accident! Only registerred nurses (nhs and military) are legally bound to help.

    About 7 years ago a mate of mine (LMA) stopped at the scene of a car accident to help out and although did nothing wrong and was not in the shit in any way still had paperwork chasing him up for 6 months on top of the four hours he spent explaining his actions/treatments to the police and paramedics. His verdict, "not my problem jack...."
  19. No, you're right and I agree completely. The NHS can well do without financial settlements like this and I in no way agree with what the guy has done. I was just saying that it looks like someone did mess up.

    I can appreciate why people may be dissuaded from helping but I still believe that you have a moral, not legal, responsibility to help if you can. That's includes those not first aid qualified. If you can assist you should. Help direct ambulance/fire/police when they arrive, help stop/slow traffic, call 999, whatever. I couldn't look myself in the mirror if I thought I'd just walked on by when there may have been something I could've done.

    Of course there's the other side of the coin. If you can't help, f**k off out of the way and stop gawking.
  20. Most of us older cnuts on the forum have seen folks die in various ways but of the many I have seen one really fcuked me up.Couple I knew drove under a truck outside my door.Wife no seat belt went out windscreen and then back in again with head almost severed,held her as she died and tried to persuade hubby that she only had broken leg and was lying still FFS .next door ran away and i was on me own for 20 mins waiting for ambulance.Maybe it was knowing her made it bad but next bang I hear someone else can take over. :cry:

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