Support the Ghurkas


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Always_a_Civvy said:
BusterQuin said:
Please sign this petition to help out the ex-Ghurkas who are left with f*** all despite many year of service to this country, whilst others who contribute nothing get given everthing
thank you

Have done. I had assumed that the Government's pledge had already been kept! Obviously not! :evil:

Steve, you are such a silly Billy. Fancy believing this government would honour its pledges, especially where they would benefit uniformed men & women who are commited to serving their country, and in the case of the gherkins, somebody else's country. IMHO Johnny Gurkha has more right to remain in this country than any other immigrant, legal or otherwise. Just think what they have to undergo just to get selected, and then train to SERVE compared to illegal migrants who come here to SPONGE.

Perhaps this is where any journos looking at these threads can be of some assistance. Why don't you look into this and find out the truth of the matter? Put something useful on your front pages instead of the usual shite about C-list celebs and all that BB crap.