Support for Headley Court Rehabilitation Centre

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Chunky_Monkey, Aug 1, 2007.

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  1. Some of you may have already seen or heard about this on the main message board...

    But for those of you who haven't... Headley Court is a MOD rehabilitation centre where injured service personnel receive treatment for injuries sustained in the course of undertaking their duties. SSAFA want to purchase a house nearby for the use of the families of the patients, some of whom travel great distances to see their loved ones however unbelievably some of the local residents have complained to the local council about this stating that they think the value of their own properties will be negatively affected by this !

    My husband was a patient many years ago and his parents had to travel from Plymouth to see him. I bet they wish there had been somewhere close that they could have stayed when visiting their son at such a difficult time.

    There is a petition on the PM's website where you can register your support for the application - link below as well as link to today's Daily Telegraph which has a story with more info.

    If you could spare a moment of your time to register your support it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Thanks - I've seen the other threads but the only reason I've added it to the RNR forum is not all people may look at the other forums and some might just view the RNR one. Didn't want to miss out on extra support!

    Used to listen to Jeremy Vine but we can't get a reception in my office any more !

    Thanks for signing.

  3. Cant you get it via the internet ???
  4. Yes but the speakers on my PC can't/don't work and I have to submit a small rainforest of paperwork in order to get them working (not to mention the nause that would be generated if I asked for Windows Media Player).

    Suffice to say I work for the MOD and anything like that is a bureaucratic nightmare !
  5. All the very best mate , signed the petition a little while ago , can understand the reasons for more coverage , makes me bloody sick some peoples attitude to our servicemen/women , what is wrong with these morons {shaken head in disbelief} , so bloody angry with these cnuts .
  6. I don't think you'd have wanted to - I was apoplectic with rage at some of the comments. Only just calming down now, 3 hours later! Good counters by Blue Team (mainly from ARRSE) though.

  7. Listened to the same programme , could have smashed the radio , I despair at some peoples attitude/logic , what is wrong with these ********* {I am livid with these cnuts} , why do we bother ?????? , freedom of speech / human rights :pukel: :pukel:
  8. Yes you're probably right there Part-Timer from the sounds of it.

    I honestly cannot begin to understand the attitude of people like that. I hope they are all lucky enough to never find themselves in the kind of situation where they might need somewhere like that to stay.

    However the story in The Telegraph was good coverage, fingers crossed SSAFA get the council approval. And BZ to the guys from ARRSE for their efforts with the JV show.
  9. I will be listening tonight as only heard bits on the show while in another office. It is a shame these people objecting to the house were not affected by the floods and reliant on the Military for supplying them with clean fresh water to cleanse their souls with.

    I feel that the planning permission will get blocked from what I have already read/heard and if it does then I hope there is a severe house price crash and those who are only concerned with their bank accounts get hit where it hurts most, in their wallets.

    Shame on them all

  10. Ditto mate , agree with you 100% , ********* the lot of them . makes you wonder . :argue:
  11. Was listening to BBC Essex today (via the internet) and they were discussing this at length on a phone-in. Of all the people that called the radio station, 100% were appalled at the reaction to the proposal from the locals, who are all concerned about their multi-million pound house becoming devalued by having the families of injured servicemen staying nearby!
    Apparantly, 40,000 people have already signed the petition in favour of the project - me included!
    I'm dismayed, but not suprised at this nimby attitude by the "haves" - shame on them!
  12. Duly signed.

    Can we have an opt-out clause where we can refuse to protect the rights and freedoms of rich ignorant bar-stewards?
  13. Has it not been resolved?
  14. 2200 tonight headley has been approved the people of mole should be bloody well be ashamed of themselves for apposing it in the first place

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