Support for Defence Cuts a Mistake

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by trelawney126, Jul 31, 2009.

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  1. No that can't be right, a politican apologising, a defense minister coming out in protection of the Armed Forces... no no something's wrong, whats the real angle here...
  2. My tablets must be affecting me today, what I read can't be from a minister
  3. Previous mistakes though - not his mistakes. Perhaps clearing the air - any crap that happens isn't my fault, it was my rubbish predecessors, I love the Forces, especially 'elicopters...
  4. Is it not called 'Rowing back'? Trying to cover the tracks and make themselves 'fluffy' again
  5. They must be going for a payday loan, no one else will give them any money.
  6. I suppose, arguably, he’s got sod all to lose by saying that. He clearly can’t be “on message†but what can Brown do about it, though. Replacing him that quickly would not look good, nor be that easy.

    Making those sort of noises is going to put yer man Cameron on the spot. Is he going to say Ainsworth’s wrong?
  7. Does he need to?He might say that he agrees but the government has not gone far enough in their recognition of past mistakes.
  8. Fair point but then Cameron would have to back that up with money. As the likely next PM, I think he would rather avoid that. Ainsworth must know that Labia will be out on it’s a**e so he can pick all the holes he wants because he won’t have to fill them.

    If I start feeling sorry for the daft sod I'll be really annoyed.
  10. OK - if I had a Cov accent I'd tear my own vocal chords out but he only needs a razor to cure the tash.
  11. I can assure you, Sir, that facial hair requires no "cure"!

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