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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Wazza082, Feb 22, 2016.

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  1. Hi, I’m thinking about applying for SC and I’ve done a lot of research. I still have a couple of questions that I can’t find the answer to and was hoping someone that is currently serving could answer these questions.

    1. In phase two of training and on ship will there be a lot of sitting behind a deck doing paper work and if so does that included a lot of advanced numeracy or is it just basic maths? Although this role requires no qualifications, I’m a little bit worried as my maths isn’t my strong point.

    2. When coming along side at port will I be required to spend more time at port stocking the ship rather than getting more time ashore having time off? I know this is part of the role but was wondering if I get the same amount of time ashore as others.

    3. I heard that when on ship an SC doesn’t do any watch duties, is this true? what other duties does an SC do or doesn’t do while at seas apart from counting and moving stock around.

    I really want to know what the role is like for an SC on ship and along side. The AFCO just gave me a sheet with some info on it that sold it well, but I know this wouldn’t be a true reflection of what the role is like on ship.

  2. i am a re joiner (former warfare lad) and would very interested to know the answers to this also as i am going back as a SC.
  3. Also interested in any extra information as a SC, just applied.
  4. I joined as a Sea Spec in 2010 & PVR at the last min in phase 2. I left coz I didn't realise what the role included as much as their was until phase 2. I knew as much as the AFCO told me, leaflets and DVDs told me about the branch before and as I went to Raleigh, which wasn't enough info and not a real insight of the role.

    I'm reapplying soon for SC and this time I wanna know the branch inside out and this forum site is great for that.

    AFCO told me it will be a little different joining up as I can skip a few parts except the medical, fitness test and eye test etc. It's not clear yet if I will have to go back to Relaigh yet but I'm preparing myself for it fitness wise.
  5. Dissection time!

    I've failed GCSE maths 6 times now- as a certified retard, rest assured that I can say your maths doesn't have to be strong as long as you can count the items infront of you during a stocktake.

    It depends what the stop is for. It's it's your operational stand down period, you may well be busy doing stores issues and returns back to the uk, but you will still get time off if you put the time in!

    No we don't do watches, we're day workers, BUT you may have an additional job that requires you to be up late (ships narrative, phot, marine mammal watch, RAS party). Most seniors are happy for you to get your head down in the morning though if you were up stupid hours of the night.

    Alongside- on the jetty, we receive, look after issue and return departmental stores. Working in all weathers it's something I enjoy, working outside.
    If you're in he office, you'll be doing demands and hastening those demands- getting the bits of equipment you need, to arrive yesterday!

    Once you get to sea the office job pretty much remains the same, but the jetty's ratings move to the storerooms, maintaining the state of the stores and the kit they contain, carrying out stocktaking and cleaning. On top of this roles I have done as part of my duty watches have included:
    *Ships photographer
    *Attack fire fighter
    *Flyco logger (recording helicopter take off and landings)
    *Fog lookout (stand on the bridge wings and give warning if there's other ships in the fog!)
    *MMO (warn the bridge of you see Dolphins or other marine mammals)
    *Narrative (type up the ships log as events happen, if you can't type quickly you soon will be able to!)
    *serve attached to the Royal Marines, working alongside them in the field, providing bootnecks with the stores and kit they need

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  6. The Gash Hand Syndrome
  7. @northern-matelot Thanks for the help, I can now see that I've made the right choice applying for the SC role with year's of experience working in the bar/restaurant game and managing a London boozer I can see it's going to be ideal. Just hope having an unspent conviction (drink drive) won't hold me back.....fingers crossed :(
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  9. No worries, I was a barman before I was a jackdusty (the nickname for our branch) and there are some similarities when it come to stock control with shelf life items and customer service, but that's about it. Bar work is more the stewards branch on top of everything else they do.

    Not sure on the conviction as I'm not in the careers service, @Ninja_Stoker maybe able help you there.

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  10. As an innumerate Jack o' the Dust, devote a few Dog Watches studying the Canticles and the Sin Bosun's Yeoman sinecure awaits

    Aim higher, mastering Vertical Intervals and Horizontal Eqivalents and the Pilot's Yeoman similarly awaits.

    You are already the Ship's Snaps, so have the Inverse Square Law up your sleeve
  11. What is the promotion prospects for SC? I know it is all down to how long it takes to do the task books and how hard you work ECT but to get to PO level how long roughly would that take from AB?
  12. NM you forgot the shake at silly O clock because some engineers needs a bit of kit out of stores, then a shake an hour later, wrong bit or needs another bit?
    When he said he was applying for SC I thought how hard can it be to join the Sea Cadets?
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  13. All depends on where you go, what you do. From my qualifying course 10 years ago, 2 are now POs, 2 are LHs, one left and im an AB still. One of the POs got it after 6 years and the other is on the POs course now.
  14. So what happened to you?
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  16. I'm not going to make anything that sounds like an excuse ::)

    I don't think I'm a gash hand, I've been recommended for promotion, it just hasn't come my way.

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