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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by macca96, Nov 16, 2015.

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  1. hi ive applied for supply chain logistics in the surface fleet but have to resit my psychometric test and hoping to get enough to get the score of supply chain submariner , could any submariners tell their expiriences or tell me the difference between SC logistics in the surface fleet and the submarine service ?
  2. Yes you issue stores below the surface of the water
  3. You don't have so many stores on a boat but what you have are stowed in the most inaccessible places, and you're a planesman (make the boat go uppy downy, lefty righty)
  4. What sort of things would you expect to do on a normal shift apart from planesman duties?
  5. Get out stores that may be required and pretend your getting the stores demands ready for sending off before the boat gets in, when you do get in, you disappear to the boats inboard stores grot and start earning your money :) unless you're duty down the boat.

    Remember that submarines don't do replenishments at sea so you sail with what you've got (or not as the case may be).
  6. What if they run out of AVCAT ;)
  7. Petrol pigeon crap, haven't needed it since the M2 experiment ;)
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  8. moaning when you have to do anything else.
    try and get out of scrubbing out
    moaning more when have to do anything else
    planning your 5th watch and moaning about being on board
    ensuring you are 'blue carded' as much as possible from your duty watchbills and moaning if you dont get that enough...

    should answer your question
  9. Dont listen to the binbags above aside from the wrecker who you will probably deal with day in day out.


    So. You will always be 6on / 6off at sea.
    Sea is generally your 'quiet time'. Dabbers and everyone else wont understand this. The busiest time for an SC is alongside, getting it ready to go, dealing with problems etc.
    Dependent on the class of boat you end up on / apply to go on the seatime in a year can range from 3-7 months, on and off.
    Decent opportunity for quick promotion providing youre not a total dunce and can retain information
    When abroad you get put up in a hotel
    Paid submarine pay on completion of your course
    paid submarine suppliment on top of the above when qualified
    Paid £5k minus tax when qualified
    Full SMQ course to be at sea
    Own office
    Not as much room onboard
    Die quickly when it sinks

    Sleep onboard unless you live out of the base, have a house etc
    Not paid any suppliments or specialist pay
    Exactly the same job, however its a lot more chilled out at sea. Not much 6on / 6off, basically 8-4.
    At sea a lot more
    Not complicated, no qualification to be at sea other than a dicky taskbook
    Office full of people
    Bigger messdecks and rec space
    Drown slowly when it sinks

    I wouldnt work in any other branch if they threw money at me, and Ive done 20+ years.
    Submarines = more money, however its hard work and can be long hours due to manpower shortages and other factors
    As you can see, they have to throw money at you to get you on a boat, which if its not for you can be difficult to resist. You sometimes however dont get to go near a boat and 'try it out' beforehand. Often its too late. I think once on SMQ (ie already on the way to being a submariner) the take you down.

    The branch
    All computer based nowadays, pretty straightforward. Rewarding, deal with all branches all day long. Good dits in the stores office. Usually dealing with senior rates who are actually fixing the defects as opposed to lads. Decent promotion prospects due to shortages at LH and PO, particularly submariners.

    Good luck.

  10. Aren't you an A/stroke PO?

    Just asking like.
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