Supply chain logistician phase 2 location


I have my interview in 10 days and I know I’ll be asked about phase 2 training but I can’t seem to find the location of phase 2 anywhere. I’ve seen it’s back at Raleigh but others have said elsewhere.
Does anyone know where it is? Also if anyone is currently in the time and is able to answer some more questions that would be great.


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Second time this year I've posted this


Note to self, must check the search function works!

Used to be Chatham @Chris P , HMS Pembroke, home to the white mafia. It then moved to Raleigh and now WORTHY DOWN.


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Does anyone know where it is?
As @WreckerL says:

There is a (almost) new tri service school at Worthy Down:

"The Defence College of Logistics, Policing and Administration is based at Worthy Down Campus near Winchester in Hampshire. Formed in 2002 it is the Centre of Excellence providing training to personnel from the Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force."

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