Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Titch1669, Aug 17, 2013.

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  1. Hi just wondering if there is a website that can tell me what supplements (ie protein) is allowed or is not allowed in the RN
  2. Well, none of them actually work so you could save your money and buy mirrors instead. Use the search function as this question has been asked more times than you've pissed out all the protein in your expensive shakes.
  3. Why do people refuse to believe the evidence from every single Doctor (with no financial incentive to say either way) asked regarding these bloody things, and instead believe the promotional hype! They cost an outrageous amount, and I believe I'm right in saying the average Western diet contains more protein than a highly active body can use already?
  4. Egg white powder, nesquick and milk its the same but without as many dodgy chemicals

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  5. Because anything is better than facing the fact that you have to work hard and take care of your diet to get fit or massive.

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  6. Why don't you just stop taking supplements and just eat a high protein diet. SHOCK it works yeno!
  7. Titch

    Can you go into more detail as to why you felt that supplements would benefit you?
  8. I find it amusing how there are so many experts on here dismissing supplements with impunity. Why do such big sports teams such as premiership rugby, England rugby, Welsh rugby,Lions (probably one of the biggest sporting brands on the planet), English cricket etc etc use them? They surely have the most talented and informed nutritionists,dieticians, medical staff and doctors on the planet. I'm convinced they know more than some matelot that is into fizz and knows a bloke whose mate owns a gym.

    Our Story | Maximuscle
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  9. Frogman

    I'm not even going to read the Maximuscle website as there's a pretty good going conflict of interest there.

    I have searched medical literature from 1955 to date looking for trials of good scientific quality proving these supplements work. These trials have not been done. They may work, but there is no evidence that they do. There is, however, a significant chance that you will piss out some of the extra protein you take in - that will turn a urine dip positive which will delay entry pending tests to ensure your kidneys are working properly.

    I have no doubt professional athletes use supplements. That group of people is very different to those who want to join the RN. Tiger Woods will swear by a specific golf ball, and will only use that type. If I use that type, will I suddenly be able to drive 300 yards? No - because I am not a professional golfer. The differences are so subtle it will make no difference to an amateur hacker like me, but to a professional it could make all the difference. Same for supplements.

    Just because you take them doesn't mean you will get massive. If the companies who produce them had any faith in their product, they would subject them to a scientifically valid trial. They have not.
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  10. You can have whey protein (my ACLO told me), but tbh mate I wouldn't bother. I'm guessing you're applying or in the selection process at the moment; you'll have fun trying to fit a big tub of protein in your suitcase when you go to BRNC or Raleigh!
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  12. I bought some cheap whey powder when at uni as i couldn't afford to buy loads of protein rich foods- but at raleigh and that i am guessing the amount of food etc will be substantial to keep everyone going. Angrydoc being a real doctor and all is probably worth listening to!
  13. when I was in the R.N. the daily tot was a great pick me up

  14. It's called marketing.
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  15. Maybe so. I however will side with the rugby premiership, RFU, WRU,ECB, Barclays premier league, Team GB, Team SKY and so on. Pretty sure they are more swept up on supplements than anyone on this forum. I fail to believe they are that stupid that they would succumb to clever marketing.

    Yes AD is clearly a very switched on cookie, but I would take it that the very best in their field of nutrition and supplements know a tad more. Especially as they are representing such huge organisations as mentioned above.

    That said if AD is the big fat heifer that refused me an allergy jab I needed in my my final year she should consider supplements/pills for weight loss. Great advert at size 26 for medicall profession.
  16. Ooooooooooooo! Popcorns on!
  17. And our survey said ................

    Supplements, do they make a difference? - Forums

    How much a difference do muscle growth supplements make? - Yahoo! Answers

    The Secret to Supplementation: It's Not About The Supplements | Breaking Muscle

    TESTOSTERONE NATION | Do Supplements Make a Difference? - Page 1

    Do Vitamins And Supplements Actually Work?

    Half of Americans use supplements -

    Quick literature search on t'internet ... and every one of them said it is all hype! Supplements are exactly what it says on the tin ... supplements to a poor diet. They are unregulated which means they can put any old crap in - some of them can actually be harmful (e.g. too much Vit E can predepose to Prostrate Cancer) and some interfere with prescription medicines. The fact that half the USA are taking the stuff does not mean that they are any good and judging by what is reported in the broadsheets about what else professional kissballers stuff up their nose/a*se etc ... to add whey protein etc to the list isn't going to make a great deal of difference to their performance so what Barclay's Premier League do is not an indication for everyone else to follow along like sheep! In fact I would probably surmise that most of the organisations you quote are probably sponsored by the supplement makers ... they know it doesn't make any difference to their performance but to get the dosh they have to be seen using the stuff ... so yes clever marketing!

    At the end of the day there is nothing you can take in pill,powder or liquid form that is going to replace a proper well balanced diet and proper planned training.

  18. I get that. Otherwise they would be called replacements not supplements.
  19. Only a guess but I would say you could only "market" something with "as used by the British Cougars" only if the British Cougars are using the stuff, otherwise its something else, possibly illegal.And I cant see a premier football club letting their chaps eat/drink any old crap just to earna few bucks, when the rewards for success are so high
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  20. He's going to basic training not playing sport at an international level, rackin' ell. Keep Rugby Clean - The IRB's Anti-Doping Web Site ain't big fans, lee byrne in an interview failed to mention he used maximuscle (glucosamine and a basic whey powder), but month later he became an ambassador and then claimed it was awesome- quelle surprise. Sports also accept sponsorship from coca cola, mc donalds and the like which when the logo is plastered everywhere could be seen as endorsing them even it is in a different way- are they beneficial to sports performance? Nahhhh. Personally i don't care if people use them or not, have no need to be; but to have medical opinion conflicting with those who stand to make money from it there seems a clear winner. Obviously i know loads of famous sportos but too busy too ask them what they use innit.
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