Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Ben_C, Aug 22, 2007.

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  1. Are these 'legal' in the Navy.

    I have been going to the gym for a long time and use natural and non natural supplements - like whey protein, creatine, ephedrine replacement etc. (these are all in select dosages as part of a whole supplement and are not taken individually i.e. injected or anything stupid like that)

    I passed my medical with no problems but want to know whether I'm going to get a warning or get kicked out due to the usage?

    Basically I use these:

    Thanks if anyone can shed some light on this as I don't want to be breaking any rules.

  2. drop the ephedrine, or the ma huang, it converts to a drine, ehich is not good for cdt.
  3. Just changed that, realised I had written it wrong. Its an alternative for ephedrine . Its called Sida Cordifolia.
  4. Further to my last the product you are taking is not that potent. However it is a crap product anyway so just ditch it. Creatine is fine, however that brand is crap too.
  5. I know, couldn't find the one I use matey! Just general pictures which outlay the ingredients.
  6. ok, have a look at and for your creatine (micro) and shake needs.

  7. I have been going to the gym for 43 years and only relied on a good balanced diet, including the pussers diet of chips with everything. You have been taken in by the magazines you read, and the off watch bouncers in your gym. If you must take any supplements with you I sugguest only a multi-vit. and min.Don't waste your hard earned money.You will not have stowage space for a 2.275kg tub of powered crap costing £30+. This can give you a good run ashore at the end of the month and you will still have change for a pigs' trotter and a pint of milk to slurp on your way back onboard.
  8. Depends on ones goals. It is quick difficult to eat 7 meals every day, of the quality and calorific requirement. However I agree if hugeness is not your goal and toned is, then a balanced diet will suffice.
  9. As said before, dnt take supplements, except vits and mins, and Cod Liver Oil. Ive been taking CLO for a fortnight or so, and I already feel better :D More supple, more lively, tis great.

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